Heating Tetras


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Hi all

I have a quick question... Does anyone know if you can heat up the tetras? I'm working nights this week and I am starting to feel the chill when it gets later into the evening and would love to have a warm drink. I don't like the normal packs made with hot water and hoped the tetras would be a little different.


Jazzy x
I don't know if you can heat them themselves but what I do is get a huge mug, put my tetra in and top it up with hot water, I sometimes add a bit of coffee too, if you only have normal mugs you can put half in, top it up with hot water and then repeat.
I put my tetra in a big mug and fill it to the top with water, then microwave it. It tastes yummy, however I know that Cambridge advise against microwaving as it can damage the vitamin content.