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HEB Weight Watchers 'malted danish' ?

I am trying to pick apart my diet from last week to see if there is anything I was getting wrong that contributed to my 2.5lb gain (unless I can just believed I put led knickers on by mistake!) and I switched to having ww malted danish rather than brown danish and was having two pieces a day - is that still OK as a HEB?

And I was couting flora light as 1syn per tbsp - is that correct?

Sometimes I worry that I make up syns or change them with time - good job I have started to write them all down so I cannot forget - no kidding myself that something is half syns or forgetting its 3 rather than 2 as it clearly all adds up :eek:

Can you have 28g of sugar puffs as a HEB as well? Sorry for the overload in questions but I just want to get it back off and don't want to continue doing something wrong if I am :)
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Its Puffed wheat that you can have 28g of Hun..not sugar puffs.
Not sure on the bread, as I have the WW brown bread and have 3 slices as a HeB.


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huh??? It's not on there... OMG it was there when I started!!! I feel for you, I just realised I have been doing some things wrong. They change stuff so much it's unreal... I'm planning to use my online food diary from now on so I cant make a mistake!! xx


Nojo on the YoYo
Yes, 3 slices of WW brown danish is a HEb (there is no such thing as WW 'brown' danish - it means Malted. I have my book in front of me.

No, 28g of sugar puffs is not, 28g of Puffed wheat plus 2 scan bran IS a HEb.

You can also have 2 slices of the THICK WW wholemeal as a HEb.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
haha!! you did it toooo you did it toooo!! Yeah it used to be a HEXA :( I guess they do it for a reason not just to make us rant and moan, manufacturers always change recipes for no reason so SW only has to keep up with them :( x


Nojo on the YoYo
:cry why why WHYYYY do they do this to us?

You know what, i'm gonna look for these breads next time i'm shopping, compare the fibre and sugar content, and if they're practically the same, bugger it, i'm having malted. 9 stone off don't lie. So there :p
I have the malted danish and I eat 2 slices as a B choices. It may not be on the list but stuff it, it's brown(ish) and the calories are similar and if it's all Tesco has in, I get it!

Bad girl.


Nojo on the YoYo
Pfft I eat 3 slices of Malted danish as my B and shall continue to do so if the fibre count is similar when I go the shop and check next.

I still wish I could find my Nimble White tho, damn supermarkets!!


Nojo on the YoYo
There's a half syn difference between the malted danish 400g at 2.5 syns per slice and the brown danish 400g at 2 syns per slice. Which is why you can have 3 slices of the brown I assume.

See, this is why I have my 5 syns safety net and try and stick to 10 a day, crap like THIS happens to me!!

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