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Heeeelp I am gutted

Can't believe it went for my first weigh in todays and only lost half a kilo (1lb)------------stuck to the plan 100% and drunk enough water to sink a ship.

I had lost about half stone the week previous had been on Slimfast and one meal - but this fat should have just been the extra I had put on over Christmas and New Year (Went all inc 3 wks in GOA)??

Anyone else been so disappointed?:cry::cry::cry:
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hey hun - don't be so hard on yourself - can i ask is it totm? Cos that can really play with your weight. I reckon you will have a massive loss next week.

Keep going and you will see those results you want
iv been dissapointed,(apart from only losing 5lb in 4 weeks compleatly my fault!) one week i gained and i had NOT cheated and i gained about 2 or 3lb, i was nearly in tears at the chemist and told her exactly what i had done in the week. I have always been honest with the chemist when i have cheated. She said she didnt understand either, the following week when i went in she said she had spoke to someone from LT and told them my problem and they said it could be too much exercise. I walked for an hour every night plus i was doing an hour of aerobics everyday and 30 mins of toning. I cut that down and now just do aerobics and walking with my dog.
I was told I would have lost more if I had not been dietin before I went o LL but I was still happy with my weight loss.I exercise and hopefully it wont effect my future losses
Cheers all for your support - only hope it will drop next week--------determined to carry on for another week just to see.

I wish I could blame TOTM or too much exercise but sorry I can't:sigh:

Could it my tabs - High BP tabs & Thyroxine?? Anyone else with medication had the same prob?
could be to do with the medication

or maybe your gunna have a bug loss next week


I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry to hear Lain...
Have you been drinking enough water??

I really like what ive heard about the water we are drinking washing away all the fat!!!
Lain, calm down. This was your first weigh in.

The reason that so many people on Lipotrim have a great first week, is because they are losing glycogen and water. Not fat.

You were already dieting, so chances are you didn't have much glycogen or water to lose. You'd already lost it. (That's what the half a stone was.)

It doesn't mean the diet is not working. You've stuck to it 100%, and drank lots of water, which is great. Your first week means you lost half a kilo of PURE FAT.

No one ELSE here, no matter how great their first weeks loss (15 lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs, whatever) can say that.

If it helps matters, think of that first weigh in as your actual second weigh in.

It's really important to understand what is going on in your body. A lot of people can get discouraged when dieting, when some new diet gives great short term results. Then tapers off. They get depressed and discouraged, and of course put the weight back on, because they never lose any actual fat on the diet. They didn't stick with it long enough to lose fat.


Crawling to the finish!
I agree with John, was thinking the same thing. If youve been on slim fast, then chances are you dropped alot of water the week prior to your first week on LT. Go weigh a lbs, its alot! Keep you chin up hun you did so well to get past week one xx
You will be surprised by how many centimetres you have lost, even though the scales are not showing the loss, you could have turned fat to muscle, which will weigh heavier.
Just stick at it hun, you are doing really well. Will keep my fingers crossed for your 2nd weighing and i bet you will see a differance. Keep in touch and let us now, we are all here for support. Take Care. xx
well u did say u had been on slimfast the week before. On LT in the first week alot of it is water loss... but I'd say that would be same for pretty much other liquid diets... so coz you had lost weight on Slimfast already then naturally u wouldnt lose as much on LT first week... just an idea :s
hi lain, first things first you have lost 1lb look at it realistically you could have gained, as the guys have said doing slimfst the previous week means that you will have lost the excess water most of us lose in the first week
hang in there dont give up thats the easy option please put it behind you and focus on getting thru each day, without being to nosey do you have a lot to lose cos people who have lrge losses in the 1st week its because they usualy have a lot to lose

anyway all im saying please dont be to disheartened

xx Sharron
cheers all - thanks all for the encouragment .John you have really give me more confidence and it makes sense what you have said.I feel a lot better now , infact I have been told by three people today I have lost weight in my face - so here's to next week and a bumper loss.


I will be skinny again!!!
cheers all - thanks all for the encouragment .John you have really give me more confidence and it makes sense what you have said.I feel a lot better now , infact I have been told by three people today I have lost weight in my face - so here's to next week and a bumper loss.
People noticing is a much better feeling that what ever the scales tell you chick!! well done :)
As long as the weight's going down don't be disheartened. As has already been said must of us lose glcogen and water the first week and you had already done that the week before - must have made this week easier - so keeping on glugging that water and being a big loser next week.

Good luck.


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