hello and how has everyone done today


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hi all
how is everyone,
i have been busy today,we had beds come from agros,a telly and my eldest daughter had the day off school
dunk 10 cups of water today,the best i have done so far
love kirsty
well, i had a horrendus morning in work so am massively behind on my water intake....not good!!

but got some nice compliments on my weight loss today so am feeling quite good really!!

You've been busy havent ye?!
10 cups is fab, what I do is go and buy 2 2 ltre bottle from shop, and then keep hold of the bottles, fill it every morning and then as long as I have those Ive done more than enough. If I dont manage 2 but say, 1 and a half Im still on track, thats how I know what I have consumed on a daily basis
Not too bad, running around like a blue ar@d fly trying to get the bloomin bedroom finished for when DD gets back, ah well, onwards and up them bloomin stairs!!!