Hello, Im new to this, on Tesco Ultra Slim and need some help!!


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My name is Amy im 25 weighing in at 12st 9lb due to having the contraceptive injection twice and gaining a massive 3 stone in the process .

I have tried slimming world before but couldn't get the hang of it.

Ive never been a big eater so SF / tesco ultraslim seems to be a good way forward for me.

I ideally would love to loose 3stone by my holiday on 30/04/2011 but i know that is probably not doable.

Im only 5ft 1inch so this extra weight i am carrying is very noticeable. Im new to forums but really want to succeed this time as i am normally a really hyper outgoing person but am hating myself and the way i look at the moment and its really getting me down

Sorry for the essay.

Hope your all ok
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Hi Amy and welcome to the forums.

Ive been having the injection for about 4 years now and have gained around 10lbs due to it. (the rest is all me!)

Keep posting and popping in and someone will be around to help you.


x x x
Hey hey :) Im on a SW plan usually, but also on Ultraslim to get the xmas Cheesecake Belly under control - Ultraslim aint too bad, I find mixing it up REALLY thick and eating with a spoon helps, it's like chocolate mousse for breakfast haha! :D
I havent tried the bars yet, though I have a box here...

Purple Hugs

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Hi, hope you get on well. I like the choc tesco shake, it's got better this year with a change of packaging and definately the product itself.
I am not a lover of the ready shakes - dunno why but I find I'm more hungry after them. lol

One thing I do like though is adding ice-cubes to a shake in the hand blender.. it comes out like a McD's milkshake (or as near to it as it can). Definately worth a glass.. and a straw! lol