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hello, new to slim fast and 14lbs to lose..

just wanted to say hi! On day 3 of slim fast, I am a binge eater, and need to cut down amounts I can consume! So on day 3 of slim fast and so far so good,
I have a shake am, bar 10am, shake lunchtime, bar 3pm - normal tea with family - not really counting but good proper food! then yogurt and apple late pm,

I have 14lbs to lose so will prob be posting on here a far bit,
trying to wrk out a groovy signature!

currently 10.1 and a half - ideally want to be just over 9 stone..

hello to everyone...:)
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Hi Susie and good luck! :) This forum has helped me a huge amount, every time i've nearly raided the fridge i've come on here to look and the before and after photos...the urge to eat disappears!

I am new too and cannot believe how friendly everyone is.

I had a touch and go moment this afternoon and helped it pass by reading some of the blogs. I hope there are enough to keep me going through many more touch and go moments, or I may have to start my own. Then typing can be the distraction instead of reading!
I am busy for a while now but then will settle down and watch Masterchef, hoping there are some puddings I can enjoy watching rather than eating.


Needs a kick
Hey SS welcome and good luck, join in the monthly challenge for that extra bit of motivation :O)
This site really helps. Its lovely to log on and tell everyone u lost weight! and if ur not doing so well theres always someone to help u bk on track
I'm new too, but finding the sight very helpful, my goals are similar to yours, so will be interesting to see how we do. I'm not counting calories. I find the diet so easy to follow and don't want to turn it into work by counting the calories!
wish you luck x
thanks for making me welcome! still not found out how to get fantastic signatures like yours as yet - still finding way round site!
sacha - wow 8.5lbs off in jan - any tips???
auwa - me too, I have 2 young kids and want to eat "proper" food in pm with them, so slim fast all day then proper food ie spag bowl tomorrow night - will be careful as in not pilling on the cheese but if i do not eat with them i eat rabbit food and then binge on choc etc later on...
how often does everyone weigh? I am a binge eater/obsessive weigher (daily!)

also what do you do weekends? do slim fast or just eat normally???

any tips greatly rec'd x
I LOVE SLIMFAST. I first joined this site last year and when I joined there wasn't a slimfast part (or there had been one but it had been removed as there was hardly anyone using it). I asked for it to be reinstated and the rest, as they say, is history.

I also have two children (one who is nearly seven and the other who is nearly three). I have been off work for three months (was made redundant) and have been finding it hard to stick to the diet as I have been bored. I start my new job on the 16th and whilst it is going to be hectic (will need to leave my house at seven and will not get home until seven) I am going to be walking a lot (from my daughter's nursery to the hospital (where I am going to work)) I think I will start doing much better again.

Good luck.



Slowly but surely!

Welcome and Good Luck ! I have been struggling the last few weeks and would have probably given up by now if it wasnt for this forum its a great help. :)


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi, welcome to everyone. i agree that this is a great site to come to for help or just encouragement.

i have found loads out since i started and thanx tish for getting slimfast back on.

i find myself on here in the evenings to keep my thoughts away from the kitchen and it really does help! x :D

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