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Hello to new friends

Hello everyone in b2b...
I am SOOOO excited that there is this forum to acceptably be a wedding planning bore..!
I have been on the CD forum for about 5 months and hadn't even realised this was here... how fun!
I am getting married on 12th March 2011, and currently am traumatised by trying on dresses... I have found 3 that I love in 3 different shops and they are all completely different!! :sigh:
I have reduced in size from a 20-22 to a 16, but I want to be a comfortable 14 by the big day.
I would love to hear what themes / colours people have chosen for their weddings....
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Hello!! I am going with purple...whether that's a plum/aubergine purple with antique silver and vintage styles or a vibrant violet with summer sun colours, I don't know!

I can't wait to lose some weight so I can go and try on a few dresses. I want to see whether I can pull off wearing a white dress Vs ivory so that I can start getting the other parts of the wedding in order (favour boxes etc).

Congratulations on your marvellous weight loss!! Do you have pictures of the dresses you have seen?

ooh yes - I do have pics of 2 of the dresses.
I have gone for a nice crisp aqua accent colour with silver to compliment the (hopefully) crisp sunny early spring day...:D
I love a good strong purple - nice choice. Always flatters everyone and everything looks great with it.



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Both of those are stunning dresses! How exciting that you're doing something other than the traditional wedding dress colour, too.

I have seen the most beautiful lace dress but unfortunately, nowhere sells it! Grrr.
You go girl... congrats on losing what you have so far :)

I'm getting married 16 October and tried soooo many dresses on it got to a point where the thought of one more drove me insane lol. I was stuck between an empire dress and an A-line, they were completely different. My family thought I was going to have a medieval style dress with the long pointed sleeves... how many of those do you find in wedding shops nowdays lol. I went for the empire dress in the end because although it didn't make me look curveceous it looked pretty. I insisted the dress must have sleeves cos my arms are huge and went for a sleeveless dress with a bolero. I am going fruit and nut though because I don't have a fave colour and can't decide on what colour to have the flowers/reception in...arrrrgh. I liked the idea of chocolate cala lillies n was annoyed whn I realised they were silk. Then I thought cream, but was concerned it would look boring all neutral. Now I'm thinking burgandy roses n gypsophelia. Grrrrh lol. xjx


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Raspberry and chocolate go well, as does teal (or light/baby blue), chocolate and cream. One of my friends had pink and chocolate and another had peppermint green and chocolate. :)

P.S: I know what you mean about sleeves!
I love this thread guys.
It's so nice to talk to other b2b who are traumatised by the same issues. my h2b although impressively patient, is already starting to glaze over when I try to talk about stationery, flowers, cakes etc etc.:p
My only bridesmaid is a fantastic friend and I couldn't ask for better, but she has no idea at all about wedding dresses, and I cannot remember the last time she wore anything other than jeans.... So her outfit will be an interesting issue in itself!!!
I am now toying with the idea of whether I need to add another colour with the aqua - perhaps hot pink? maybe too much and I don't really want to be stereotypically girlie - it's just not me!:D
Has anyone come across an excellent florist in the south east (kent)? Or the perfect cake? I want to have one of the "Cheese wedding cakes" at the evening reception rather than cold fried buffet food :jelous:, so am looking for a supplier for that too. I know this is a diet support network, but wedding cake is OK right? Surely that is allowed.... :D?
I went to Hobbycraft on Sunday to look at materials to home-make my invitations etc, and have decided definately NOT to do this. I think they will look rather pants due to my (lack of) skill level. Probably end up costing more than professionally printed due to the number I would end up throwing away!!!


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Hobbycraft is UBER-expensive for invitation supplies. Have you tried Ebay? There are lots of people on there selling handmade invitations for good prices or, alternatively, lots of craft supplies at discount prices.

I have to say I was SHOCKED at the prices of invites. I sent away for some free samples but we're having 70 for the day and double that on the evening. That's a lot of invites at £6.95 a pop! They were gorgeous though.

I made my own save-the-dates which were so easy but think I'll be buying my invites ready made!
Hi ladies
I'm getting married on 30th July- 11.5 weeks! eek! Our colour theme is purple and my dress is ivory. I am quite lucky because we have a lot of friends who have offered their skills to help us out as personalised wedding presents.
My friend Lou is making our cake- a cupcake mountain and she is amazing! We're having 200 cupcakes all hand decorated on a 10-tier cakestand with a 6inch cake on top to cut.
Another friend is doing hair and make up as a gift. Another friend's band are playing at mates rates at teh reception and are very good. We have 2 Rolls Royce for the day through OH's brother plus a few other things which have been so lovely for ppl to help us out with.
Oh and I made all my invitations but as I am very arty they did look lovely,k even if I do say so myself! I bought all the card on ebay and cut out the bits myself, sticking to a very simple design so it wouldn't look naff. I have even had a few people asking me where we got them cause they wanted to use the supplier themself! It saved us sooo much money!
I have made table decs myself with purple ostrcich feathers, tall vases from M&S and some silk flowers and pearls and am very pleased with them.
My flowers are from Sarah's flowers which is a great company which I saw recommended in many bridal mags! They are sooo lovely.
My shoes are paradox and I love them. I wanted them quite simple yet elegant as my dress is big! My veil was a bargain too as it's a Joyce Jackson but I bought it as 'worn once' for a fraction of the price and it's perfect.


Well Debbie you clearly have more confidence in your artistic abilities than I have in mine!!
I would LOVE to make all my invitations, but I really worry that bits would fall off in the post etc so the recipient would receive a piece of card and an envelope full of bits...
Maybe that is the answer - a DIY invitation, where the guest gets to construct their own!! We could have a prize at the wedding for the most creative use of the things I have included, a bit like the shopping bags on "Ready Steady Cook" !! lol:D
My H2b is possibly the most clumsy and un-artistic person I have EVER met, and he really would be very little help at all.... maybe my 7yr old could make them!! (they would probably turn out better).
Thanks for the tips on buying stuff from ebay. I have bought some great aqua ribbon from there, which is the perfect colour at 25m for only 99p. Result!!! I need to order about 150m more, so will use that source again I think.
Has anyone looked at the wedding cakes from M&S etc??? We definately don't want cupcakes, probably choc or alternate tiers of chocolate and carrot cake. Bespoke cakes are so expensive. My mum makes a mean Caribbean Fruit and Rum cake (where you soak the fruit in spiced rum and brandy for about 3 months!!) but neither me or my H2b really like fruit cake, so it would be just to satisfy everyone else... one thing we said we would not do.
I know Marks and Spencers do do pretty wedding cakes, as do waitrose. We are buying 3 iced sponge cakes and decorating to match the cupcakes so that we have some cake for our evening guests as well. We're getting them from M&S and I know they are yum! xx


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I was thinking purple as well Fray! Because my fiancees mum is real poorly and its her fav colour, I like it too though!

Love both dresses, I think the first one is my fav though :)

Good luck with your weight loss and your big days everyone
The first pic is me in my dress last weekend as we were trying it on to see how fit is coming. It will look a lot better with the hoop as it's very full but I love it! The 2nd pic is someone else wearing it with hoop to give an idea of what it's like. Of course, mine's with a bolero so slightly diff x


Lovely dress!!! The skirt is gorgeous.
This weekend I have been out looking at dresses again, and have found "the one"!!!
I love it soooo much and it looks lovely. It's not at all what i thought I wanted - much more "wedding dressy", if you know what I mean..! I also found a stunning silver dress by Maggie Sottero, but that didn't feel enough... I am very very hard to please!!
Now if the fun bit of finding jewellery, hair thingy, shoes etc... such fun!:D



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That dress is gorgeous, Claire!!
Thanks, I am not going to use the glittery belt, mainly because it cuts the line of the dress. May use it for something else though, like putting around the stems on my flowers?
I am struggling with place settings and what to do to make the table look both classy and elegant, but not too dull!!
I have sourced a very important thing today too.... FLip flops!!
I am planning to buy multiple pairs of cheap flip flops in a couple of white plastic trugs next to the dance floor, so that if the girls get sore feet in the evening - they can help themselves to a pair of flip flops and dance the night away!! George at Asda has basic ones at £2 a pair.. result:D:D I think that 35 pairs will be enough. I am planning to tie the pairs together with ribbon and put a label on them with the size.
I love the flip flop idea!!! I am certinly gonna be buying myself a nice pair of flatties for the evening, as are my bridesmaids but would be nice to have some for others too! :) x


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Great idea about the flipflops. I am buying lots of those cheap, colourful pashminas to put in a wicker basket by the door of the marquee with a "to keep off the evening chill" sort of sign on it. We're having an August wedding and from my own experiences, I don't take a jacket to a wedding as I don't want to hold it. Hopefully it'll be a lovely sunny and warm day (I've jinxed myself now haven't I?!) but I know evenings are a bit cooler. There's a seating area outside so I'm planning ahead.

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