Help!: Bodyfat?


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Okay, so I am a bit (very!) worried. I have lost a lot of weight (73,6 lbs) but on my counsellors (high tec pro expensive) scale my body fat % is 37% !!!!!

How the heck can I lose so much weight and hardly lose any body fat? I sure wasn't like 100% bodyfat before. If I remember correctly I was around 40-45 somewhere (her scales too)?

I am quite worried, my current calculated goal was 67kg which would / should be a healthy weight for me. (BMI 22.6)

Do I seriously have to become semi-annorexic to get a healthy body fat percentage?
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I would guess that a lot of the weight that you've lost is water-weight in addition to muscle. Those scales aren't an exact science so don't worry too much about it - unless you're going to invest in a full body scan to establish exactly how much of your body is fat! Whilst there have been recent stories about people with 'hidden fat', if you're at a healthy weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle then that's what counts.

Well done on losing so much weight too!


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If you really want to achieve a body fat percentage that is in the low twenties then you would have to look into weight training and probably go into a high protein diet with complex carbs and lots of daily weight training exercises. It is near impossible to have a low body fat percentage without weight training.