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Help I feel like giving up "its only ay 2" !!!!!

Please help me I feel like crying this is my second day I had chocolate shake hot and ice cold and the leek and potato soup:sign0137:
I really didnt enjoy the flavour/aftertaste or the texture.
I really really want to stick to this but the thought of them this morning is making me gag.....:break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:
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Have you got other flavours to try? It is difficult the first weeks trying to find the flavours you like. We all vary so much. It's worth sticking with it if you can bear it.
Hi Carly,
I was totally like you wanting to give us,so i only have the tetra shakes now they are so much nicer,i have them hot ,cold,or as ice cream,lovely xx
i was totally the same i was just about to give up,but i kept going,but now i only have tetras,i did try the others again last week and i hated them,so give the tetras a go and you will be fine,hold in there huni xx


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Carly .. I know how you feel, I've never liked milk shakes.. so it was hard to adjust..

But I think it's normal to feel a bit down, and rubbish on day 2.. I'm on day 6 now and all those feelings have gone and I actually look forward to my shakes..

the tetras are lovely.. maybe ask your cdc to get some in for you...

honestly, stick with it, you're doing realy well and I bet in a couple of days you'll be feeling fab xx
Keep going Carly - this is the diet that gets results quickly. It really is trial and error for the first week as you find out which flavours you like, hot or cold, with a bit of spice added to make more palatable.

This week is going to be hard, but once you are over it, then you should find it plain saling.

Good luck!
Keep going Carly, it is difficult when you feel you're 'eating' stuff you don't like but it is a matter of trial and error and soon you will find something that you like the taste of :) I live on banana and choc mint shakes and the bars (which you can have from wk 3). Don't despair please - keep your mind on the weigh in coming up and how much your hard work will have all been worth it :hug99:


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I am not keen on the shake made with just water try them made with ice cubes .put 4 cubes and just under 200ml of cold water in blender with shake wizz up till ice has gone taste is very different to made with just water or use 6-8 cubes with little bit of water makes ice cream /sorbert type meal .I also make a poridge with vanilla shake 2 teaspoons of psylium husks and 200ml hot water wizz in blender this also keeps you regular :p .
Find a way to stick to this for a week hun it does get easier there are other recipes to try the muffin one seem popular give them a try ,I also add cinnamon or nutmeg to my shakes just a sprinkle hope this helps .
keep posting peeps will reply have you joined in on the its wednesday lets do it hour by hour thread more peeps on there first few days xxx
I agree! When I started CD I gagged everytime I tried a new flavour, but your taste adjusts after a little while and you end up actually looking forward to the next one - I'm not kidding! I loved the Mushroom soup and now I only have leek and potato, I love making mousse too!! The first few days are tough, but once you see how much weight you've shifted after the first weigh in... everything tastes so much better!! promise! Just give it 100% and you'll see!
Keep at it hun, it'll be worth it in the end.

Personally i think the choc mint & veg shakes are the best. I have them both hot.

When i first did lipotrim 3 years ago i gagged when i tasted them. I swear they are awful compared to the CD. I cried & said to my husband i can't do it. He told me to just try to get it down my neck. I cried but thought its this or the long & hard route (exercise & counting calories). I stuck with it for just over 7 mths & in the end the taste didn't bother me.

Please stick with it, the first week is the hardest, it will get easier. Try out all the flavours & try to find one that you enjoy.
I liked the banana shake for a few days but then it started making me feel sick but have found 2 shakes that i like. Choc mint is lovely.
Please Carly don't give up now.First few days are the hardest.

I hope you have plenty of shakes /soups to try.I mix my shakes with just a bit more water and try the mix a mousse its fab especially in tetras.Your CDC should be able to swap any you don't like and have a full range.The bars are great too when you get to week 3
Thanks Everyone you have all made me feel a bit better :flowers:
I have just e-mailed my CDC to see about getting the tetra's
This really is a lifeline because I would have most probably given up.......

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