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Help, its not the food its the drink!!!!

Hi Guys

I am doing well at SW and am steady away with weight loss, however, I use all my syns on red wine! I like a glass when I am cooking dinner, and then a glass when I eat my dinner. That is 10 syns! There is no room for any more. I am worried that I will get board to the programme because I am not able to have any syns to jazz things up! Anyone else in this predicament, and how do you deal with it?:sigh:
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I changed my drink, I used to drink Boddingtons and nothing else would do. I tried a few things until I found something else I liked. I now drink Bourbon and diet coke, I put a double in a pint glass and fill it up with diet coke so it lasts a lot longer.

I only drink at weekends now too so save my syns up for that.
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The Schweppes tonic & other mixers come with a plastic lid that has a pub measure on it (think of a night nurse cap and you will get my drift).... handy to have in the house, if like me you have a shakey hand when pouring gin.

drink is my downfall too.. I use all my syns on drink, mainly G&T or Bacardi & diet coke



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I use most of my syns on wine, however I made the decision not to drink from sunday till friday night, and I must say it's made me feel alot better without it. It was a habit, and it had to change. It's all about choice, we have to change or we'll just end up back at square one again.


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I use most of my syns on alcohol too!
I do like wine a lot but that is pretty high, so I mainly drink brandy with diet coke.
I can have six for 15 syns so that is great!

I bought a tot measure from Tesco and use that as my tots tend to be a bit heavy!

I did have more than 15 yesterday as I had lunch with a special friend. Food was ok but I had two large glasses of wine and then had my usual brandy in the evening!
I'll call it my flexi syn day!


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I'm the same and really struggle with it too. I've even swopped to gin and slimline tonic, but I stll go over, every week.
I have seen somewhere that Blossom Hill Rose is only 10 syns for the whole bottle! Apparently if the alcohol percentage is 10% or less per bottle its 10 syns the lot. Or you could do what I do, brew your own wine! I use a grape kit, its an absolute doddle & the one I do works out at about 85p a bottle. You can adjust the alcohol volume by using more water in the mix & trust me it doesnt taste like something you'd clean the drains with. Works for me!

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