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Help - listerine fresh breath strips!

I'm sure Pete definitely uses these, so don't worry yet! I remember him saying he'd messed up his order and received loads and loads! From his weight losses each week, I'm sure they'd be okay, but no doubt he'll be along soon to advise properly!
I use these every day and they seem to be OK, although thinking about it until I started running last week my losses were at 3lbs a week, though that started a fortnight before I began using the strips so who knows if they truely affect or not.

All I know is, I'm still losing a good amount, and I can keep my breath nice and fresh whenever I want.

I'd rather use the strips, lose 3lbs a week, take a few extra weeks on LL and not have my girl recoil in horror when I go to kiss her :p :D
good point!
thanks for replies
daisy x
i double checked with LL and they too said no (maybe next week i will have a bigger loss, fingers crossed!)
daisy x
A couple of the girls in my group use them so I will pass the info on.
I'm sure our llc said they were ok but I don't use them, I have the spray for those wiffy days lol!!!!!
Check the ingredients if it has sugars or citric acid then its a no as far as LL are concerned. You see some people can have them and not get knocked out of ketosis. Like Pete above. I had solpedine ones with citric acid inside it and i was ok. It depends on individuals, but to be sure they just say no.

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