Help! LL Counsellor going on hols!!


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Hi Everyone,

At our weekly session this week our counsellor dropped the bombshell that she was going to be away for 3 weeks over Xmas and N Year :eek: and also that we would have to pay £198 for 3 wks supply of food packs before she goes :eek: :eek:
To say we were gobsmacked is an understatement! She never mentioned this when we signed up 7 weeks ago and the thought of getting through Xmas and N Year with no weigh in or counselling is quite frightening :mad: Another niggle is that I thought the extra cost of LL was for the counselling sessions, so do you think she is being very cheeky to expect full payment just for the food packs? :confused:
Hi DQ,

No there isn't anyone else in our area, the most annoying thing was that she was so matter of fact about it, as though it was no big deal!!!
Thats a lot of money to find in one go at any time of year never mind christmas!!

I expect a few people would drop out cos of unfair to you all

Hope it works out ok for you

Thanks Amanda, I know at least 2 of the girls have said that they can't afford to pay out so much before Xmas so they will probably drop out, which is such a shame as we are all doing really well.
Hi hun, how awful, maybe you should get together with the rest of the group and confront your counsellor with your worries, I would definitely ask that the cost of the packs be halved as you wont be getting the counselling that you are paying the extra for!
If she is awkward with you then I would contact the head office and voice your concerns with them!

Who is likely to have such a lot of money in one go this close to Christmas? it is totally unreasonable imho and she needs to be told as much!

Hope it all works out hun, in the meantime keep posting on here for as much support as you feel you need (it wont be counselling per say but as good as) xx
I think Mrs Tweedy has made an excellent suggestion - all of you get together and voice your concerns and see if that makes a difference.

Please don't let this mean you give up :(
Thanks Mrs Tweedy, I think I'll give some of the other girls a call and see what we come up with between us! I do feel cheated as I had told myself that getting through Xmas wouldn't be too bad because of the weigh in between Xmas and N Year as a deterrent to cheating!!!!!
Oh hun, try not to worry too much, obviously the counselling is v important to you (otherwise you wouldn't be paying so much) but don't panic, just try to put into practice all you have learnt in the previous 7 weeks, you will be fine, maybe if all else fails you and your group could still meet up on your regular weigh in days and do your own weigh in? might help to keep you motivated?

Take care babe xx
thats a great idea Mrs t...

3 weeks is a long time to be left without a counsellor - are you sure you didnt misunderstand. I thought all counsellors had to have a locum .

Whatever happens try not to fret about it...

Keep shaking girlie :p
I'm quite shocked!

To be honest if it was me I'd contact head office and find out what they would have to say about this. I'm pretty sure she is supposed to have a locum to cover her holidays. Three weeks sounds far too long for you to have to cope on your own and how will this affect your medicals that you need to hand in every 4 weeks? I'd also want to know when you are going to catch up on the counselling sessions that you are missing out on. Is she going to offer these to you free of charge at the end? 3 weeks out of 14 weeks of counselling is a big chunk of important information you are missing out on. Personally, I think she's being very selfish organising her holiday but not taking steps to make sure you guys are ok.

Please don't give up because of this, we will help you through it....just keep posting!

Shadow x
Are you in the Gloucester area as my friend has got the exact same problem.
She was offered pop in sessions on a sat though to pick up pasks if she couldn't get them in one go.

Kitty xx
Hi Kitty, no I'm in York. I've looked at the LL customer charter and it says that a locum counsellor should be provided, so I'm going to ask why we haven't got one provided.
I'd definitely get in touch with them, they can't seriously expect you to fork out 200 quid in one go with such short notice.

Kitty xx
Hi Kitty, no I'm in York. I've looked at the LL customer charter and it says that a locum counsellor should be provided, so I'm going to ask why we haven't got one provided.

I look forward to hearing what they have to say.

I don't think there's anything wrong with your LLC taking a holiday, everyone needs a break! In actual fact my own Counsellor is having a holiday as well but she has asked a trained Locum to cover all her groups. I know that LighterLife provide training for Locum's so they can stand in when situations like this occur. The Locum should be able to offer you all the support and counselling you need in your Counsellors absense so you don't miss out on any vital information.

LighterLife isn't just a diet, it's a whole package.
Hi there!
I think it is awful for your consellor to leave you without a locum! Xmas is a really hard time and we need all the support that we can get! I would do as the others have recommended and approach your counsellor as a group, making sure you are very honest about your concerns. There is also no way that you should be paying £66/week if you are not getting any counselling at all. I would say have a word with your counsellor and then, if she does not respond appropriately, ring up LighterLife and voice your concerns with them. Definitely do it sooner rather than later though so that things can hopefully be sorted before your counsellor goes away. If the worst comes to the worst, and nothing can be done, just remember how far you have come and use these 3 weeks as your own personal challenge. Imagine what a confidence boost you will get if you get through the 3 weeks on your own! If you are finding things particularly tough, make sure you come on minimins or speak to a friend/ another member of your group rather than giving in. I guess you just have to remember that you come first right now. Maybe you could arrange with your group to meet up anyway, but without your consellor, just so that you can chat about concerns and difficulties? Best of luck in any case. You can do it. xx
Thanks Jodie,
We voiced our concerns to our councellor and she is going to see if she can get someone to come in and weigh us while she is away. Better than nothing I suppose!!