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Help - too many invitations!!!

That's so typical - there was nothing going on for months and once I start SW again I'm being flooded with invitations from friends and families. Can anyone give advice?

Tomorrow it is a rather sad occasion - my nan in laws funeral. All I know is we're going to a pub but I have no idea what it is like. It's not posh - but not sure if it's a set meal or typical pub food. Waaah!!

Then we are going to visit my friend in Bristol over the weekend. This will be at least two dinners made by someone else, but again not sure what to expect!

Then the weekend after we are invited again for dinner to a friends house. And the weekend after that probably again.

I don't know what to do - I can't expect them to cook for especially for me.

What do you do in situations like this?
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Usually I behave myself all week then let myself have a minor blow out on a Saturday, so you could try something similar, just be really good all week so you've got plenty of leeway at the end. This week I had 70 syns Saturday cos Id been good all week (I don't mean excessively good, but I stuck to no more than 10 syns a day, some days as low as 2 or 4). Similarly when I went on (a self-catering holiday) I planned my meals ahead so they were yummy but not too naughty but let myself have as many drinks as I liked. The first holiday I lost two pounds!!! The second holiday I STS, so that worked really well. Limiting some days/areas to allow the others to go over works.

Pub meals can be OK if you can choose something like a roast-style meal as there's usually plenty of veg and you can trim any fat off the meat and avoid the gravy.

The other thing I'd try is planning breakfast and lunch ahead and try to take stuff with you if possible as a packed lunch at least for the first day. Take fruit & yoghurt or something light and easy for B/F, make yourself a speedy soup or a healthy wrap with loads of salad/veggies to take as a packed lunch, or make whatever style lunch you like that can be easily packed. This would help at least on the day you go out. Also take loads of fruit and other healthy snacks with you so you have plenty to fill up on if you dont want to eat much of the main meal.

Another idea - what about making a healthy dessert or something and taking it as a 'gift'/contribution, like people do a bottle of wine? Im not sure but it's an idea.

Another one is the alcohol - if you want to limit it you could just say you're on antibiotics so can't drink, I've done this before.

And most of all just try not to worry too much. My old consultant used to say if you follow this plan six days a week it will work, if you follow it five days a week it will work, if you follow it four days a week it will work. Its OK to go overboard on occasion as long as you eat healthily the rest of the time.

And have a good time! That's what you're there for! :) Good luck x


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Its always the way! At a pub meal try and go for something like steak/chicken without fat and sauces?
Eating at others houses is hard as you can't tell them how to cook or what to cook and there's not usually choices! Try and save up some syns through the week (but don't deprive yourself) and maybe don't drink on some of the occasions to help damage limitations and through the week stick to plan 110%....lots of superfree foods and sped foods.
Don't let it pout you off track even if you don't lose as much as was hoping to in your first few weeks because of the social stuff if you try and stick to plan and make the best choices you can then you won't be putting on like you would have pre sw (if that makes sense!) It may be possible that at the early stage of your journey you can still lose anyway if you are eating a lot better than you did previously!
Good LUck! x


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I've been exactly the same, don't go anywhere for months and all of a sudden I am out every weekend or doing something with friends. In all honesty I haven't managed it very well.
I am going to be good all week and stay low on syns then use the rest of my syns when I'm out.


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Maybe I'm just really lucky, but my friends have always accomodated me and my fussy eating. I would phone and ask what theyre planning on making, if theres anything I can bring and if they let you suggest, say you would really love to eat the same, can they tell you what goes in and you can syn appropriately?
Thanks for all the replies so far...maybe someone could help me now...

So for the funeral we had a roast dinner but I couldn't really choose how much I could of everything...so I had beef, 1 small yorkshire pudding, carrots, beans, peas, cauliflower, roast potatoes (they didn't have boiled) and gravy. But it wasn't a huge portion.

Erm...and I had a pudding but chose ice cream over the cakey stuff...

In the morning I had my porridge with milk and one banana and for lunch I had noodles (just a soup, just counted 1 syn for any abnormal ingredients..it was all in chinese;-))...

So I had 1 hex a and 1 hex b so far. But as I don't know how many syns the meal had I don't know whether I should do an extra easy day as I didn't have any veg with my soup but no meat either. I have know idea how many syns I had?? I am also still hungry..what else would I be ok to eat?

Can anyone help me?

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