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Help! Where should I go to buy running shoes?

Hello lovely fit and healthy people!!!

I'm seriously thinking of having a crack at this c25k thing, yay me!

I currently only have one pair of trainers and these I specifically purchased for my zumba and bodyjam classes. I have been wearing them in the gym too, but I only walk on the treadmill so they have been fine for this purpose...

... anyway anyway anyway...

Never bought trainers for running and was wondering where the best place would be for me to go to get the most appropriate shoes? I'm concerned about going into one of the big sports shops because I do not believe they would take the time to train their staff in these matters... please tell me if I have got this wrong.

There is a shop called fit2run, which is close to me, never been in, but concerned that it might be very pricey being a small shop...

... anyway anyway anyway...

What would you lovely people recommend? I think I could make a fabulous jogger/runner and even more so with the right shoes on my feet!!!

Many thanks for your time.

Lindsey x
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Hi Lindsay! I had a similar problem. First thing I did was google running shoes and learn some jargon and some key points. Like where I land on my feet and I thought about how I roll when I take off again. There are all kinds of posh words to do with the science of it!
Then I went to a place near me where there are several shops with trainers and asked for advice. The first guy asked me lots of questions about where I run and how and he mentioned lots of the posh words from the running websites. So, I thanked him and then went to check 4 other shops.... The assistants stared at me blankly and kind of waved towards the shoes and said : there are shoes there!!! Needless to say I went back to the first guy!!
That's how I did it! I think it is a bit hit and miss with the assistants like you said which is why it is worth looking stuff up first. Some sites recommend official running shops that have tests for you to run etc but I doubt we need to do that just yet!
I hope this helps, just my experience, no real knowledge ;-)
Thanks for the reply, if you don't mind me asking how much did you end up paying for your trainers? x
find a specialist running shop and be prepared to spend between £50-100 on running trainers.

the shop assistant should ask you questions about what you need them for, road, trail etc. most c25k is road ran so road would be best in my opinion.

then be prepared to run on a treadmill and get your feet filmed so they can see if you have any problems like rolling in or out as your foot hits the floor or if you land straight.

i 'over pronate' and need support trainers.

be prepared to try several pairs on and run on the treadmill to see if they feel right. the good thing is that proper running shoes are light and you don't need to break them in. they should fit like a glove and feel amazing. mine don't last long with the miles and the classes i do. you will get 350 miles max out of a pair of proper running shoes then the support will be gone so although they still 'look' fine they won't be and you'll end up with injuries.

i've owned a few pairs and my favourite by far is my latest pair of brooks.

you can get cheaper shoes if you know what you like and what fits well. go online and google the make and shoe.

hope this helps.
Bless you, thanks so much for taking the time to find that information for me, really kind of you. x
I ended up paying £28. It was the best pair if off road that they have, I run on gravel, dirt and woodland. Of course when I say run I mean sort of, a beginner! Lol
Best wishes with it!

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