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Help with foods to eat/packed lunches


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Hello. Im new to this forum and have become addicted to it already! Im after some help. Ive already posted on the atkins thread then found this one. I would like to do a low carb diet with no more than 20g of carbs a day but what foods can i eat? Also the big problem i have is that i work shifts (only 2 days a week) and dont always have access to a microwave so needs to be packed lunch style foods. Please help as i want to start asap.
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I also dont have a microwave - i live on salads at work, or you can have certain soups if you have a flask.

it might be best to invest in a low carb cook book - i have two and they're pretty handy! my favourite is probably the neris and india's idiot proof diet cookbook - however, they dont tell you which phase of the diet some of the recipes are for - it's best to have a low carb diet book to help you out in those cases, IMO.

smoked salmon with cream cheese wrapped in little gem lettuce leaves - yum!

or, cold sausages (check the carb count on the pack) with a little mayo. hard boiled eggs.

parmesan crisps (oven at 190C, grated parmesan and a little cheddar if preferred, make a little pile of cheese on a baking sheet lined with parchment and in the oven for a couple of minutes - space the piles so they dont all melt into one!)

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Amazon are prettu good for that type in the atkins book on the search and it'll give you loads of low carb stuff, including cookbooks - TBH i went by the reviews on there.

The actual diet book for Neris and India has food ideas and recipes in it, and the website had a lot of feedback so they bought out a cookbook with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, party food, soups - all sorts really!

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mainly - sort of a combo of loads of stuff they've tried, but yeah, low carb.


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I have salads and have made some lovely soup to add some variety. Chop 2 leeks and break a large portion of broccoli into florets, chop (or snip with scissors! 6 lean bacon rashers). In a large pan saute bacon in low fat butter/marg, once cooked add leeks and broccoli. Once the leeks are softened add chicken stock until level with top of veg. Simmer for 15 mins then blend. Add pepper. (Should be salty enough from bacon). This is very tasty. I wasn't sure if I was allowed chicken stock (oxo) but I lost 4lb last week so I am assuming it is okay.

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