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help :(

hi all im a newbie on this bt hi
so i started dieting 3 weeks ago
and have gained 6 pounds... yes gained:cry::break_diet::sigh:
needs sum good tips on how to stop cravings
am tryin to quit smoking so that doesnt help with the eating habbits :)
tryin to loose jus under 2 stone in 8 weeks for my bfs bday party :):eek:
any tips oh suggestions will be very much appreciated
:D :p xox
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Are you writing everything down that you are eating and drinking? Are you weighing everything? Are you calculating points correctly? Are you on the right number of points?

Irene xx
STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH BARS!!! :p hehe hi bex! (im not a b*tch im her friend just incase ppl are thinking wtf) had to say it.... even though im much worse than u! after u left last night had a turkish dairy milk..... sooooooo good! hehe! xxxxx p.s. we will start working out (eventually) and your weight will fly off! :D xxx
becky and louise you wanna do lt with me? pretty please lol...i wish i had turkish delight choccy bar last night... also can you both hurry up and get to 50 post so i can actually post notes on your wall..otherwise i just have to ring you lol...so glad your enjoying this site :) x
im supposed to have 24pts
bt i only allowed myself 18 pts
at that i struggled to get over 12 pts today...
i think i have such a weird eatin habbit that my metabolism is screwed :(
so havin to start from scratch now :)
no no no do lt lipotrim with me u no u want too!! how are you on 24 points! if i get to goal weight il only be in 19points when i start!...we will have those parties soon,,once i get off Lt and over to ww so that will be end of may early june!!...eat more bex! screw the rice cakes and buternut squash stuff and have brown bread instead that will up your points a little and fill u up more...love x
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haha me join LT u crazy!!! i told you i love my food 2 much... and esp being able to go out get locked off my face and still lose weight!!!(NAH NAH NAHNAHNAH!!!!!!!) u shud just come to the bright side of WW!! :p x
went oki didnt have too many points... until dinner! :( had pizza my bad! damn my brother and his taunting!! hahah but it was yummy thats all that matters! hahaha!!!! xx
im supposed to have 24pts
bt i only allowed myself 18 pts
at that i struggled to get over 12 pts today...
i think i have such a weird eatin habbit that my metabolism is screwed :(
so havin to start from scratch now :)
THATS why youre gaining weight. If youre meant to have 24 points you HAVE to have them. If you dont, well you see what happens, you end up gaining :(

Please do eat all your points, theyre there for a reason :)
Please do eat all your points, theyre there for a reason :)[/QUOTE]

bt thats to many pts/ i eat mostly healthy food thats so low points that i find it hard to make up the points
and then of course i have those pure indulgent days and go way over/ ive lost 3 pounds this week by cuttin points down to 16. plan to increase as i increase exercise.... did loads before xmas bt havent been able to get back in/ especially to cold to go running before school and am in school till 8 so to col to do it after aswell.... god i cant wait till the sun comes out again
miss sun so bad this season:sigh:

found perfect dress for bf bday...
bt its so short i wont feel comfortable without toned legs.... so cold here i come :D
wahey lol :love047:
dont worry ill help you eat those foods!!! all ya need are lots of the bars and bickies! :D have a glass of OJ in the morning with your porridge? or you could have a slice o toast with jam? ... an apple/pear/any fruit really it doesn't matter (or have sum of each just so they're all included wouldn't want the fruit feeling left out now would you :p) for a snack after school (the days your not in til 8) :D (or just go wild and eat crisps and chocolate til your hearts content.... but maybe not if you want the dress!!! ps... take a photo of it and show it 2 me already! :p )xxxxx
yeah send me the pic of the dress please too..yeah if u dont wanna eat crap bex you can add points easy peasy by adding a few things louise said!... oh btw guys u shud join the sexy for sumer challenge in the challenge section..give a good boost,you just add in what you wanna lose by june 21st and update it every week after weigh in!...x
erin you can just go see it!!its in swamp just find out which one from her!!! ah cool cool... shall go have a look! :D bleh WI 2moro.. :( been good 2day so far... hand sandwich while out though so have to figure out how much that cost me points wise!.... but still shouldnt be too bad i hope!!! AGH so excited for robyn's bday!!! shall be saving a reDONKulous amount of points!!! and maybe going out wednesday if you'd like to come... but not sure if i will! depends on the mula situation! at least i've already paid 4 a load of ww meetings!! wii-ing it tonight bex!!! hope you have fun studying in schoolio! :D :D xxxxx
woo hoo to 0 point parties lol!

lousie im jealous of the wiiiiiing me needs to get one. ugh i left my stupid fone in dads car so not cool ive been phoneless :(....i no apparently were going to the pod?? yes save save save and were getting ready at mine robyn and i decided as im so near. also am working wed night so wil have to give it a miss im afraid:(.. cant believe its been another week for u guys already!...ill see u guys tomorrow night for dh!! yaaaay x

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