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  1. val46

    val46 Member

    Morning everybody. :) Can anybody tell me if the pharmacy is suppose to check your urine sample each week?? apparently mine does not, but according to the DVD I had to watch it said that this should be checked weekly?? would be grateful for your replies asap, as off for my first weigh in at 10.00
    Catch you all later

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  3. liberty_girl

    liberty_girl Peace Love Happiness

    They should but I'm not sure that they all do. You can buy ketostix from the pharmacy if you want to keep a check on it yourself.
  4. val46

    val46 Member

    Thanks for your quick reply ill go and get some, but its quite concerning really, as they should be keeping an check on people.
    thanks very much
    Val xx
  5. missyd

    missyd Gold Member

    mine doesnt i think some do just to check your in ketosis and not eating food lol
  6. TheMilkTrayMan

    TheMilkTrayMan Full Member

    Mine never has. You can buy the wee-on sticks to self check you are in ketosis.
  7. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Mine has never checked my wee. I have got ketostix but rarely use them coz I never cheat so assume I'm still in ketosis. I suppose I'd better check again as my losses have slowed down considerably.

  8. Jinnie

    Jinnie Full Member

    Mine doesn't either, but then he knows I haven't been feeling hungry.

    I think they would check your urine if you did keep feeling hungry, as the hunger should go when ketosis kicks in.

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