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Henna's diary losing weight is hard!!


I can do this............
Oh forgot to add I dont really stick to any particular plan i tend to mix them up so i dont get bored!!!


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning Henna - welcome to the forum and great to see another diary to read everyday...

You have done great in the last 13 weeks - well done on all your losses...

Keep up the good work



I can do this............
Thank you tracy!

Right im off to work in a bit to serve the local drunks of the community, so though i will add my food for today now i have decided what i am eating!!

Breakfast- 2x Wholemeal toast(hexb)
Lunch- Wholemeal pasta with sweetcorn,
quorn sausages and 2 laughing
cow light triangles 2syns
dinner- Homemade pork bugers topped
with cheese (hexa) with spicy
sw wedges yoghurt and fruit

syns laughing cow 2
curly wurly 6
ketchup 1
total 9


I can do this............
Thank you to all of you!

Today i am working all day! Havent been shopping yet so most of my meals today will be unplanned!! I also got on the scales and i have put on 2lbs!ARGH! Im hoping it is just the mid week fluxuation! I am due my star week though so it could be a gain, oh well never mind i will just take whatever i get on tuesday!


Mad as a Hatter

Just looked at your food for yesterday - are you only having one HEXA & B ?
Just asking, as you syned the LC cheese but surely you can have that as another HEXA ?

Maybe I have read it wrong ?



I can do this............
I was doing extra easy yesterday so had cheese on my burgers so synned the laughing cow. I hope this is ok?


I can do this............
Morning All!
Today i have work again! It is a split shift to even worse!! I managed to get all my shopping done last night so i am a little bit more organised on the food front!!

Yesterdays food! extra easy
Breakfast- 2 ryvita fruit crunch (hexb) yoghurt
lunch- chicken mugshot, yoghurt,banana and a couple of sweets! 2.5syns
Dinner- chicken stirfry noodles 2.0 syns loads of veggies and stirfry sauce 3.0 syns kiwi and banana yogurt(not a fat free one Grrr!) 3.0

syns for day 10.5

Well when i got on the scales this morning i was back to normal weight!

Food for today, it will be a red day!

Breakfast- 42g crunchy bran (hex b) milk (hexa) banana
lunch- ham and tomato sandwich (hexB)
strawberries yoghurt
dinner- massive salad with bacon and a reggae regae chargrill 4 syns, boiled egg,cheese (hexa) strawberries, yoghurt apple
snacks probably a curly wurly 6 or some ginger nuts with a nice cup of tea! Will aim to use around 10 syns today!

Well must get to work! Enjoy!
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I can do this............
Today is rubbish i feel like crap and i look like crap!!

Anyway my food for today is
breakfast- egg on toast (hexb)
lunch- Cheese(hexa) spring onion and quark sandwich(hexb)
dinner- Quorn sausages salad mexican rice, strawberries yogurt!
syns- small bag of onion rings 3.5
curly wurly 6
ginger nut biscuit 2.5

I am hoping to wake up in a much happier frame of mind tomorrow! I havent suffered like this for years so i dont really know what to do with myself!!
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soon to be skinny minnie
Hi Laura, well done on your weightloss so far. Why don't you try evans, i was in yesterday and they do bigger cup sizes in bikinis, they also start a size 14 now. They had some lovely ones in the sale. And what about online, places like yours clothing, i know they have a very good sale at the moment xx


I can do this............
Well not been to bad over the weekend did manage to stay on plan thank god!! Despite feeling like a beached whale! Well that has gone now for another month yipee!

I went to weigh in this week needing to lose 1.5lbs and i did what i always do and land just short lost a pound but i suppose i know i will get it next week!!

So here i go on another week of weight loss! Im closing in on my target 9lbs to lose and 3 weigh ins till holiday! I think it is going to be very tight but i am going to give it all i have got!!!
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I can do this............
just wanted to say well done on your weight loss so far - u'r doing fab -
Thank you!!

Today i have woken up feeling like crap!! Runny nose and a blocked head and if one more person tells me it is swine flu i might just eat them!!

Today is a green day!
Breakfast was fruit and yoghurt

lunch was cheese and onion sandwich hexa and b mayo 2.0 then i had 2 ryvita crunch dipped into my yoghurt was so yummy!hex b

dinner- vegtable curry and rice made with Weight watchers sauce 6.0syns

snacks tictacs 3.0

syns today 11

Im off to work tonight and then all day tommorow and i am determined to be organised this week!


I can do this............
Well i managed to survive work this week but i am really finding it hard this week! I just cant be bothered with making anything and it seem so much easier to just eat biscuits and crisps!! I havent though but i really do feel a bit crap this week!
I dont really make it very easy for myself as i keep getting on the bloody scales and they havent even moved this week! Great!
I only have 3 more weigh ins till my holiday and i really want to do well but i just feel like giving up!:sigh:

Oh well im probably just having a bad week! Will try to keep on track for the next few days!
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I can do this............
Todays food for a red day..

Breakfast- bacon eggs quorn sausages wholemeal bread hexb with a cup of tea hexa
lunch- 3x scan bran hexb with a spread of mixed quark and harissa paste on top and some ham, yoghurt
dinner- salad with birds eye chargrill 4.0 with 2 bolied eggs and cheese hex a, strawberries with sweetner

snacks curly wurly 6.0
syns for day 10

Tommorrows food plan is this

extra easy
breakfast- bacon sarnie hexb
lunch- Roast chicken,roast potatoes, parsnip mixture of veg gravy 2.5syns Mixed fruit salad
tea- ham cheese hexa pickled onions tomato cucumber quark and harissa paste on 2scan brans 1.0

Will probably have a few more syns tomorrow through out the day.
But i am feeling a lot happier this evening and i intend on sorting out my wardrobe tomorrow so hopefully that will help with motivation!
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I can do this............
hey all!

anyway im doing a green day today

breakfast- crunchy bran hexb and milk hexa
lunch-chicken supernoddles, strawberries and yoghurt.
dinner-spag bol mince as hexb and cheese on top hexa

syns will be a curly wurly 6. i need to cut back as i had about 40 syns yesterday lots of wine!!!
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I can do this............
Today will be a red day but more a superfree day! I really need to go shopping so will just be eating what is in the cupboards!

Breakfast- quorn sausage and egg sandwich hexb
lunch- krisprolls hexb cottage cheese pickled onions cucumber tomatos
dinner- sw quiche salad cheese hexa, strawberries yoghurt

Hope this is ok? Im pretty sure it will be!!


I can do this............
hi all

Yesterday at Wi i lost 1lb but im not sure i lost it i think it was a change in scales! Last week we had a relief consultant who weighed us on manual scales this week we were back to normal ones, so i think that was what it was! Anyway a loss id a loss no matter what!

Breakfast- yoghurt and crunchy bran Hexb
lunch -cheese toastie with mayo hex a hexb and 0.5syn and i made lasagne crisps these were really yummy however wasnt sure if they are free or not!
dinner- quorn sausages and mash with spaghetti!

not sure about syns today probably a hot choc and some biscuits at work tonight!
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