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Here we go again!!!

Well, as promised here is the Monday start again thread!

I have updated my ticker - 10.1 on my scales this morning:eek:

Aiming for 8.13:sigh:

So far have had a banana shake and a lemon bar - still deciding between LLL or full abstinence.....

Who is joining me?

Daisy x
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...we're sinking deeper.
Daisy; I was in quite a dire sitation after I finished abstinence in December 2008. My weight began to spiral out of control and by February 2009 I decided to restart LL. After about a week of abstinence I knew I wouldn't be able to do it again - it's too much mentally. Instead I did Lite. If you stick to it - and MAKE SURE YOU DRAW YOUR BOUNDARIES VERY RIGIDLY from the very beginning: Lite will teach you control, portions and how to eat properly - something abstinence does NOT really teach. On Lite you actually PUT INTO PRACTICE everything that you 'know' and have been 'taught' in the mainstream programme... So, I think you should have a go at it... Plus - because you can actually have an evening meal with your family : it won't be so alienating. I enjoyed Lite because I felt 'normal' too as I was able to cook a normal meal for my partner and I and have it together.

I'm in Daisy - as I said on Anna's thread, how depressing does my ticker look?? I have to do it this time - weight is definitely not going to stop going up any time soon unless I do something about it now.
I think you are right Min, but I'm 'scared' to test myself as I think I will just start picking through the day if i know i can eat something...not sure i have the willpower.

What can I eat on LLL?
Is there a list of veg etc like on RTM? I think its 200g protein and then certain veg - but not sure which ones and would be bound to choose the wrong ones, lol

nic i was depressed when i changed my ticker too as i had been avoiding doing it.... :-(

Minerva, Can I have mushrooms and garlic?


...we're sinking deeper.
I think you are right Min, but I'm 'scared' to test myself as I think I will just start picking through the day if i know i can eat something...not sure i have the willpower.
It's a scary step - but you'll never know until you try. It's amazing that we fear things more than often is warranted. Once we 'get on with it' it's nowhere near as bad. ... If you had the same attitude to having kids 'oh I don't know if I'll be able to do it right' - would you have kids now?! Probably not. Go for the plunge! Never question - just take a big run up to the cliff and JUMP! :)

And yes. Yes you can have mushrooms and garlic. ;) Mushrooms are probably the most calorie light per volume ratio item available (bar lettuce) - so it's great! :D

Ask your LLC for a booklet; however, you can have most vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, carrot, etc) but not the starchy kind (i.e. no sweet potato, etc). You can have quite a few salad items, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, *green* bell peppers, etc...
You can't have pulses unfortunately, but you can have 200g tofu/cottage cheese/quorn/prawns/unoily fish and stuff.
I just know that the daily calorie intake INCLUDING packs shouldn't exceed 800-850 calories. Get familiar with vegetable calorie tables and make sure you weigh the portions. They are easy to over-do (and I did for the first month!) - BUT it teaches you a VERY VALUABLE LESSON. ... Even 'healthy' food contains calories. No food is "free" - no matter how "healthy" it is... everything. in. moderation. ;)

It's been quite a long time since I'd finished Lite now (June 2009) - so I can't really remember everything... But I do remember the plan being really good - it taught me A LOT of things that LL abstinence didn't. Alot of those lessons are what keep me going (and maintaining!!) now.

I'd say... go for it. What's the worst thing that could happen?


sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
good luck ladies , shant be joining you , but ill be back after sept once our new addition has arrived :eek:xxxx
thanks sukie sue - how are you getting on? hope you are feeling well with the pregnancy.

min, i have gone for it!

i had some garlic and onion,a spoonful of chopped tomatoes and some spinach mixed with a tin of tuna - i reckon about 200 cals

then i have just had a strawberry shake

it is 3 shakes and a meal isn't it?

daisy x


I Can Do This!
Hi Daisy

I'm in. Had a rough day today so will start tomorrow. I have the maintenance refocus and balance books. WIth balance you can have 2 or 3 packs a day with food. Must be similar to Lite. I think I need to learn about portions again. I am way out of control - but will sort it out.

Back tomorrow night.



...we're sinking deeper.
Yep Daisy - it's 3 packs per day (2 shakes, and a bar); and a small meal. The protions are not comparable to RTM - the portions allowed on Lite are slightly larger to compensate for the 'loss' of a pack.

It's 200g (I'm fairly sure) of most proteins (except red meat/oily fish/quark) in their RAW form. Though personally I always found 200g of quorn WAY too much! :)
A 'breakfast' bowl of cooked vegetables and same with salad.

200ml (I think?) skim. milk per day as well; along with a tbsp of oil and .... yeah I actually don't remember.

Have a look here: 1st week of Lite RTM is fairly close to what is allowed on Lite - I don't remember there being much change AT ALL (except introduction of beans I think it was!!). Though you can't have fruit... So it's sucky.

Aww, Sukie, lovely news - congrats!!

I'm on day 2 - which has historically been my hardest day whilst trying to restart the plan - and I've had to deal with the most tactless person in work that I've ever met I think!!! She delights in asking me each morning "how are the packs going" (I know I'm only on day 2, but as I said I've tried numerous times!), in front of people, who I really would chose not to tell I'm doing this programme, and if someone asks where I am if I've gone to get my soup, she tells them I have gone to get my "pack"....grrrr. So this morning she tells me she's had three biscuits, and then talks about food for what seems like an hour. This afternoon she tells that she is "definitely having a bottle of wine tonight, and chocolate, etc, etc". At this point, as I was feeling extremely hungry I said "can you please stop talking about wine and chocolate, I'm really hungry today". She asked if it was kicking in and then said "good", and proceeded to tell me what she ate last night!! Don't think she is being irritating on purpose, I honestly think she is just very tactless from other things she has said to people, but it's a damn good job I gave my OH my debit card or I'd be in our local Co-op, bottle in hand and basket of goodies to munch.....

Hope you are all doing well - I have to get a week under my belt.....


...we're sinking deeper.
Oh Poppy :( I know the feeling - people CAN get to us... especially on those difficult days... Though by the sounds of it that lady IS doing it on purpose, because she didn't listen when you politely asked her not to talk about food. Perhaps, to shut her up, next time (if you can) - the second she starts talking either get up and just walk away from her... or what I would do (in my tactless manner!! ...just like my dad) is talk about something that is painful FOR HER. Though this would only create problems in the long run.
Could you maybe take her to the side one day, and have a quiet word to ask her in a more direct way not to talk about 'packs' and food ?

But ...know that you're not alone. I myself am fighting the urge not to go into the food bin at the moment. Chewing my gum, trying to concentrate on other things... GRRR. Things get me aaaaangry!
perhaps you could wear ear plugs poppy - or have an i-pod you could not so subtly put on when she comes near you, lol!

yesterday went well for me and so far day 2 is going fine too.
I had a shake at 12, a bar at 2 then prawns,broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and some chilli at 6

i'm going to have my last shake in about an hour

will i be going into ketosis, or will the meal mean this doesn't happen, if so will i be hungry all the time?

min, keep chewing the gum!

is gum allowed on LLL?

daisy x
Daisy, that's brilliant!! Well done on eating the meal and managing to keep it under control.

My 20 month old little boy has brought me a succession of goodies from the cupboard and fridge tonight, which I've opened for him, but not nibbled along with him! Go me!

As for the ear plugs - I wish, shame is that she sits across from me. She NEVER stops talking either - she talks to herself (such as, "hmm, now let's see if we can get you to a meeting, Mr Jones", "okay, what's next on the list to do today - right - okay, let's just see if we can sort this out") dials people on the phone and leaves it on speaker phone while she is on to the computer help desk - you know one of those horrible phone calls where the most annoying tune plays out while telling you that you are now 14th in the queue?!! AAAAAGGGHH. Sigh...I'm trying to be tolerant honest, but minus food my patience is less than normal and I'm not tolerant at the best of times! She moved a plant today to a tiny ledge behind my desk which I nearly knocked off each time I walked past it for "photosynthesis reasons"!!!!! WTF!!!

She's only worked in my office for a few weeks and I do think she's behind the latest stone I put on!!! LOL!!! ;-)

Anyway, I need to see it as a hurdle to overcome I suppose!!

So, I've had my three packs - plan is to have another black coffee and probably go to bed and read my Gillian Riley book on Willpower (only wish she did one on how to deal with annoying colleagues.....)


...we're sinking deeper.
yesterday went well for me and so far day 2 is going fine too.
I had a shake at 12, a bar at 2 then prawns,broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and some chilli at 6

i'm going to have my last shake in about an hour

will i be going into ketosis, or will the meal mean this doesn't happen, if so will i be hungry all the time?
Gum unfortunately isn't allowed on LLL - I'm not too sure why because it's a lifesaver... though for some people it can create unecessary stomach acid (in anticipation of food reception because you're chewing 'something') which can be bad for the stomach and create unecessary hunger pangs...

Well done on your success on day 2! :D
As for ketosis - yes, Lite works on exactly the same principles as abstinence; and usually the losses per week are very similar. Because there are no 'carbs' on the plan; or rather no more present than in the packs throughout the day; as long as you don't go over the 850 calorie mark - ketosis happens as it should be. :)
shame about the gum...
i haven't really felt hungry yet, mind you day 3 might be the one

have a good day everyone else
daisy x
Struggling. Good starts, poor finishes to the days. I'm not going to let go of this wagon though - I still have my fingertips clutching the back and I'm going to haul myself all the way back on!

Daisy and poppy - way to go girls. You are doing fab.


Full Member
Hi everyone
I too am returning to LL!
I finished in November to go to Dubai and unfortunately never got bacvk into it - so here I am 1stone 4lb heavier!
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Anyway I started a 4 week refresher on Monday and I am doing ok so far (touch wood!!).
Looking forward to losing this and hopefully this time go down the extra stone I should have lost last time.

good luck everyone, keep us posted.
Milli x
hi milli
good luck with your restart
did you go to dubai on holiday - or work?
daisy x


Full Member
Went on holiday Daisy - 5 nights with OH and another couple (they were all 40 so I took the old folk on holiday!!!) and no children.
It was lovely and I was very good whilst there shakes and bars during the day and then a meal at night but when I got home it all went to pot with xmas parties etc. I didn't drink at all in dubai but then couldn't resist when I got home!:mad:

Got to day 4 and feeling ok - no cheating at all and now not so hungry and tired - hopefully I am in ketosis now.
How are you doing?

Milli x

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