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hi all...


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i think it's all about finding a happy medium hun, and they reckon you put water weight on in your first week.

don't be disheartened hun, it will all settle down soon enough xx


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Awwww luv, I dont know hun, but surely someone will know wots best. Im still on TFR, but keep your chin up chick x
Have you been downing enough water, also on maintenence is a slightly slower loss but to gain im not sure pet but im sure it will equal out xx
oh guys thank u very much...i thinki was silly i didnt really do the refeed properly. so i am now going to see how the week goes for me all i am doing is having two milk shakes and one mainly protien lunch see if it balances it out. also i still am drinking 4 ltr of water


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I gained 2lb on the maintanance diet last week. I did stick 2 it. Its very disheartening. I went back on LT but its different for everyone. Id see how u get on this week and take it from there. The best of luck.

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