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Hi Guy's! Im Back (O:

Hi All.....

I have tried this before & failed after one week! I had a bumper pack & Could not stand the soup's...lol
I lost 15 lbs in my first week anyway which should have kept me going but it didn't :( I live for food & that need's to change as im not happy carrying that way piling more weight on so....Ive decided to try again ready for christmas and see what i can loose by then! Would love to at least be half comfortable in my own body by christmas day by losing a couple of stone & be able to wear something nice new year! :)

Looking forward to getting back on track as soon as my 50 shake's are delivered....have gone for strawberry ;)
Ill probarbly start this weekend so see you all then! :D

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Thank you :D

What a good idea your plan is...not to weigh until end of challenge.......Hmmmmmmm I might think about that too :D x
Good Luck! Hope you get positive results this time and that shakes are delivered to you asap! Strawberry is a good flavor, though I'm not a fan of it. :):):)
Thank you :D

What a good idea your plan is...not to weigh until end of challenge.......Hmmmmmmm I might think about that too :D x

A very good compromise is to weigh once a month, at the same time of day and in similar clothing, etc. Since VLCDs promise an average loss of a stone per month, theoretically you can look forward to being one stone (or more!) lighter at each monthly weigh-in. WOW! A whole stone.

This way you will avoid the daily-weighing addiction that seems to take over so many dieters' lives - and the negative effect that seeing the 'wrong' result can have on mood and morale.

Good luck and get stuck in x
Weclome back! and most importantly good luck for the lighter week ahead :)
Hi I'm a newbie since you went! Good luck with your re-start.
Onwards and downwards xxx
:D Thank you for the replies :D

Nice to meet newbies too Ill class myself as a newbie now, new start :p

Well my shakes are being delivered in an hour according to the tracking so I will start tomorrow ( although i have a bottle of cherry brandy in the cupboard to finish :cry:) I might just save that as a treat on my weigh in's or for every stone i lose maybe :rolleyes:
Who know's.....:)
I have rubbish willpower & am hoping to change this, if others can do it we can xx
I ordered the bumper pack of shakes too, but mixed flavours so i can try them all then be mroe informed next month. It's hard ordering for a month when you have no idea what you do/dont like (although if i'm being perfectly honest i am imaginging myself having to hold my nose and chug them down, so lets hope it's not that bad!). I once tried a Cambridge diet soup pack that a friend was doing and it made me physically sick, so i'm avoiding the soups on this just in case!
Yeah, Im not a fan of the soup's at all. Could not stand them so that was a waste for me so hence buying shakes only now (O:
So October 1st is a new start & hopefully a good one.....I should say WILL BE a good one! :D Good Luck All, I am also on facebook if anyone need's a buddy! (O:
collette x
How are you doing peeps? :D

I had some bread last night because of run to the toilet bowel problems on this diet to see if that help's the problem today :8855: carrying on as normal today & hopefully it will go soon! :rolleyes: lol
Hey Iwill :) hows everythiong going? a bit of bread wont kill you :) and I think with exante re: toilet situations people either cant go, or cant stop going! haha! no happy medium!

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