hi guys need some advice


time to get focused
S: 14st11lb G: 9st0lb
hello people, hopefully you remember me, the girl that couldnt stick to cd to save her life! well im back again and feel determined to get back on it as i am at my heaviest i have EVER been. i text my cdc asking how much packs are then i am going to wait for her reply and send her a cheeky text back asking if that is the lowest she can go on them so i was just wondering what the rest of you pay for your packs or if there were any cdcs out there that do them at a lower price that would send them to me if i paid the p&p cheers xxx
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Well done on re-starting - this is about my millionth attempt lol.
Currently I pay about £1.80 per item (although bars & tetras are a bit more). I read on here somewhere that if you buy in bulk it's cheaper but guess that depends on individual CDS.

great things

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£38 (for 3 items a day) 21 a week
£27 (for 2 a day) 14 a week
hey hun , welcome back :)

I pay £1.80 for shakes , soups and porridge and £2 for bars and tetras . I think there are some CDCs out there who will give you a discount on buying in bulk , not sure .

I dont think it would waork asking someone to buy them and send them as I am sure that you are not allowed to 'supply' CD unless you are a CDC .. and i doubt any would sell you some to send to someone else ..

have you thought about exante , its mail order and is £100 for 4 weeks supply so much cheaper :)


time to get focused
S: 14st11lb G: 9st0lb
yeh i just had a look!
my cdc is the best,we have come to a deal so at a tight push i should be able to afford it :) move over boys and girls im back in the game :) xxx


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I pay £35 for 3 packs a day, so 21 items!