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Hi,Im New and would love your support and vice versa.

Hi,my names Jacci and I have at least 6 and a half stone to lose,there Ive said it............Im on 2nd day of Cd,drinking water like my life depends on it and getting lots of exercise going to the loo!!
Ive always struggled with my weight but lost my brother,who I adored in 2004 and its just gone on since then really.
I really want to do this and Im enjoying this site so much,I hope I can give you support and that we can all help each other,I feel so motivated this time,havent done cd before but I feel this is the year I will control my weight rather than the other way around.
take care all,

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Welcome. And another couple of days and you'll feel you have been on CD for ages. The first few days are hard but definately gets easier. Sorry to hear about your brother and can understand how the weight went on.

Glad you feel so motivated

Irene xx
Thanks for that Irene,this site is so inspiring,also to cut a long story very short I found out I had 2 half sisters last year and one is getting married in May,I cant do anything about being 24 yrs older than her but I can do my best to be a lot slimmer then!I hate having photos taken so it would be amazing to not have that fear at the wedding.

Jacci xx


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Hi Jacci Welcome
Sorry to hear about your brother . This site is very helpful . You are also on day 2 like myself lets just keep going and see our body shrink , and the clothes hang on us :)
Welcome on board Jacci and good luck with CD, its a rollercoaster of a ride but those pounds will soon be melting away. Be sure to keep us posted on how you are doing and remember to keep glugging the water.

hey jacci!

Good luck with CD, if u r ready in urself to do it then there will be nothing that stops you :) ... Keep glugging the water (and you'll be pleased to know that within a few days the trips to the loo will not be so regular!)

Sorry to hear about your brother, I'm sure he will be looking down on you very proud of the progress you make along ur journey :)

We keep eachother motivated, its definately a recipe for sucess!! If at anytime you're struggling, come on here and there will more than likely be someone around to listen xx

Hi Jacci

I hope your CD journey is going well so far, everyone here will be there to help, support and encourage you all the way.
Im sorry to hear about your brother im sure he would be proud of you.
You WILL look stunning at the wedding
Bless you all for your comments,my sisters wedding is May 3rd,I just want to be able to buy an outfit I like and look normal in it and with cd and your support Im sure I will do.

Hope you all have a fab weekend.




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Hi Jacci, I've got 9/10 stone to lose (I've lost 3 already) so I know how you feel. I also lost my brother suddenly in 2003 and found that I comfort ate myself up by nearly 4 stone since then!! Not easy is it? I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you find the CD suits you.
Thanx bexnkev,its nice(not the right word i know) to speak to someone who has been in the same position.maybe we can support each other through all this,
my heart goes out to you about your brother,i dont know how we get through but we do,just dont get over.I bet their pleased tho that we are doing something to make us feel better and healthier of course.

take care,


I'll definitely be around if you need me! My mum is over the moon that I'm doing lighterlife because she was terrified she was gonna loose me too through my obesity! My brother died whilst crossing a road with my other brother! My other brother turned to drugs in a big way so my mum had loads to worry about! Fortunately, my little brother has turned a corner as have I! result...one happy mum x


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Hi Jacci!

I am new too, as I only started on Tuesday. You have already noticed how nice people are here :D I love it, and I hope you will too.

Don't hesitate to post regularly, to tell us how you are and how the diet is going. I am not a good councellor when it comes to diets, BUT I am a good listener (or reader in this case!):p.



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Hi jacci! How are you?

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