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Hi I'm new here!! Help!!

Hiya :) Welcome to Minimins!! :D

Firstly, well done for taking what can be an intimidating first step and starting LT. If you stick to it 100% you'll never regret it :)

As for tickers... go to Graphical Tickers and Trackers: Weight Loss, Trying To Conceive, Pregnancy... and create one there. Then copy the code (the one in the first box that says it's BB code). Then come back to Minimins and go to the User CP (in the blue bar of links at the top of the page) Click on 'Edit Signature' and paste into the blank box and click 'save'. For more in-depth instructions there is a sticky post that I will give you the link to in a second...
welcome to such a friendly and helpful group i only joined friday but everyone is very helpfull and surportive here.

That's the sticky with the proper instructions on how to set up tickers :)

Right, now for the second question... recipes for shakes? All I do to mine is add a couple of tablet sweeteners and LOTS of ice cubes. Makes it scrummy :)

Good luck! :D
Do you mean an avatar? Like where I have my picture of Rainbow Brite?
You need to have at least 20 posts before you can have an avatar so get chatting away ;)
Hey, wow - I've just seen your ticker and you shouldn't need to be on LT for too long at all! A nice short journey for you! :) *is silently jealous* lol
We've got similar BMI's at the moment. If you don't mind me asking (and feel free to tell me to get lost lol) what's your height and weight?
Ahh fair enough. Lucky girl being taller than a midgem like myself hehe
5'4. I said to a friend the other day that if only I was 7ft - I would be lovely and skinny then lol
Welcome Samantha and good luck with your LT journey.

Recipes for shakes:
Vanilla, add coffee for a latte - can be hot or cold (I prefer it cold)
Chocolate, add coffee for a mocha - hot or cold
or make with peppermint tea for choc mint.

Hope that helps.



Gonna be slim again
Hi Sam Welcome to the madhouse, If in any doubt or you need reassurance then get on here ASAP. x

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