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Original Hi I'm new, with an exercise question.

Hi. I've been doing SW for about 3 months and its all been going really well. I play a little hard and fast with the rules some of the time, i admit, but mostly i stick by it with the result that every week (bar 1 week which involved an unfortunate cheese eating incident) I successfully lose weight. I recently joined a gym and have been going regularly, but after two weeks of hard slog, got on the scales to find i'd gained 2.5lbs!! I was mortified. :cry: Has anyone else found unexpected weight gain after exercise or is it just me?? xxx *[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
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I think this is quite common just keep on going and you should find both sets of actions(gym and SW) will give you good speedy results.

Well done you for applying yourself you will be at target in no time at this rate.
Thanks. :) I hope so. I'm really trying to make sure i stick to it 100% this week, but it makes me feel better knowing that i'm probably not the only one this has happened to. xx
best thing to do is to measure yourself. The scales may be going up but your measurements may also be going down. It is quite common when you start to exercise that the scales go up as you hold onto water (or something like that) more.
My consultant is always stressing the importance of measuring but i never bothered. I'll have to start it. I didn't feel like i'd put on weight at all which is why i was so dissapointed. But i'll bear the measurements thing in mind. Just gotta find the tape now!

Thanks so much! x
Definately measure! The reason you sometimes gain if you have been working hard at the gym is muscle hold more water and therefore appear to "weigh" more, This soon goes and you'll be looking trim sooner then you think. I go to the gym around three times a week and have found my bingo wings look better as well as my stomach and my thighs so it's well worth it :)
Hopefully this week I’ll get a better result. Managed to twist my hamstring playing badminton last night though :eek:. One minute I was gracefully leaping for the hit and the next the full cold reality of my weight came crashing down on one off-balance leg. Ouch! Still I shall persevere (when I can walk properly again! Lol.).


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I got Sports Active for the Wii. My weightloss slowed down dramatically for 4 weeks. I icouldn't come down stairs I was so stiff after the first 2 days!) But then as my muscle toned up I went back to losing as much as I did at the begining! Stick with it, my waist went down 2" in 2 weeks tho I only lost 0.5lbs!
My first week of activity i thought someone had filled my limbs with concrete. Slowly getting more limber as i go on, but man it hurt! I often forget to stretch so i'm probably just making it worse for myself! Lol.
Thank you everyone for the encouragement. Tomorrow will be the moment of truth for me. Hopefully i'll have a better weight result than last week, but even if i don't, i'm pretty confident now that its due to the exercise. And i still feel like i'm losing so its all good! :D


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I'm so pleased you stuck with it! It's very discouraging when you're trying really hard at the exercise and everything seems to go t*ts up! Just think! All the lean muscle you're building will burn even more calories when you're at rest! You're over the hump and you'll see real results! Well done!

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