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Hi i'm new

Hi everyone i'm Tamara age 20. i'm currently on reductil, i've trying calories counting about a week now and i think i'ts starting to frustrate me.

i went into asda today for a weekly shop of healthy foods for my new lifestyle choice and to my surprise i saw slimfast on offer 2 cans for 7 pounds so i got them and thought i'd give slim fast ago, if i find it works for me then i will continue.

how are you all getting on?
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hello and welcome..

Im loving being on slim fast, its easy, simple and you dont need to do much. And you get full from them. Its great..

Just make sure you blend the powder properly, and add ice it does really help....
And some have added coffee to the vanilla and chocolate shakes.

Good luck and keep posting!!!
Hi and Welcome

I'm just at end of my second week and so far so simple! Like Kes says it's really easy and you get really inventive at finding healthy snacks that you enjoy lol. I also am getting quite creative with dinners, trying different herbs etc and eating much more veg and variety than i used to. So all so far so good and this group is great!

Welcome and good luck!

I'm new to this website to, although I started SlimFast week before christmas, it is very simple, and slowly because of your snacks and dinner allowances you start to get calorie savvy!
Thanks to all for your warming welcome, thanks for your advise about the coffee in the shakes, i tried it and it loved it!! whoo hooo i'm loving slimfast, and your right i'm being quite inventive with my snacks lol, i find myself snacking on cucumber and carrot stick dipped in cottage cheese, it's weird but my taste buds are adapting to it. The reductil is really making me full and it's going great.
Hey Tamzy welcome to Minimins, good luck with your goals

What's Reductil like?
Hi fattymcbigbum !

reductil is great, it helps to keep me away from snacking too much, plus it makes me feel fuller more quickly. i've tried slimfast a few yrs ago but i was always hungry because of what my portion sizes used to be like, but since starting reductil i've been feeling quite full half way through my shake so hopefully it will be successful for me this time.
Hi Tamzy and welcome!

I too am just coming to the end of my second week and I am finding slim fast easy. I like the fact I don't have to worry about what breakfast and lunch to have and only need to think about 1 healthy meal. Lots of support on here too so good luck and let us know how your doing
hi clarkey thanks for your reply. i take your word for it, slimfast is easy and also flexible for me, i've never found a diet so easy before, i had a sneak at the scales today and after 1 full day i seem to be down by a pound. i no i should'nt weigh myself everyday but i'm obsessed, i get om the scales several times a day, but so far so good.
good to see SlimFast seems to be workin for you.

You should definitely try and get out of the weighing everyday habit though, its not good. May result in disheartening you further down the line!

Good luck!

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