Hi i'm new


Hi All, My CDC recommended this site, have been looking at this site all afternoon, and you really all are a supportive bunch, so decide to register, on day 3 of CD and all is going well, had a really bad headache & feeling of sickness yesterday, but took some painkillers & kept drinking water. it's great to know that there's plenty of suppot out there.:)
Hiya Shazzer

Welcome to the boards and pull up a chair!!

Just hang in there for a few more days and you will start feeling a lot better and then diet becomes really good fun.

Hiya Shazzer, and welcome to minimins x

Well done for getting to day 3, it does get easier very soon I promise you.

We are very supportive on here, and its great that you have done a post.

If you like you can set up a diary in weight loss diaries, I find this really helps me as I can out down all my thoughts and waffle away to my hearts content!!!!

This diet is Fab, after the first week and the weigh in you will be so thrilled, have you done many diets before??

If you need anything shout it out, we are all here to help x
thanks All

Have tried every diet going (Well almost) did CD earier this year, but went off the rails, but it really did work for me! this time i really need to stick with it, so i think coming on here will really help, thanks guy's & gal's
Hi shazzer..

Good luck..
the first few days are a little tough, but hang in there and ride the wave !!