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Hi to everybody

Hello, I have been today to see 'my lady' and have bought a weeks worth of CD. I am so excited.
The reasoon I have started this thread is because I keep getting lost in all the threads and then cant find where I have posted ever again lol. Put it down to age!!
I plan to start in the morning and 'my lady' has advised that today I drink plenty of water in preparation.
What I wondered was, how do I keep track of my weight and BMI on one of those tracker things that you all have, and how do I get a flashy name lol.
I wanna be in your gang your gang lol, all those over 45 will remember the song.
I have a massive amount of weight to lose, not just a couple of stone but about half my present body weight. Should be fun :cry:
Oh Well !!
Would somebody please be my friend and help me?:wave_cry:
Lynne x
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Hi Lynne,

Welcome to CD & minimins.

You need to have 30 posts before you can get the extra space on your signature to insert a ticker or flashy name.

Good thread to post on is the word association thread. You'll soon get to 30 posts!!

This forum is great for advice, support & motivation so keep in touch & the weeks will fly by along with the weight. :)

Aww thanks ladies. I spotted the tutorial thingy and went for a look!!! It may take some time for me to sussing it out lol.
I have to go out today so will probably start posting in earnest tonight to get my 30 posts in.
You have all done so well that I cant wait to strat. I'll probably be sorry I said that in a few days lol.
See you later.
Lynne x


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just wanted to say Hi and wish you luck on your start, xx


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An alternative to the tickerfactory tickers is the minimins ones. :) You can click the one in my signature to take you to the page for use. :D


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S: 24st9lb C: 18st1lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 6st8lb(26.67%)
Good luck on your journey wizzbang! I am also aiming to lose half my body weight! 4st 11lb down in 12 weeks - 7ish stone to go!
Hi Lynne, you have come to the best place for help and support in the world :0).Welcome and good luck, its a great diet and as you can see we are all shapes and sizes and the amounts people want to lose vary.


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An easy way to track your posts, once you have 50 posts, is to go to your profile, then click "customize profile". There's a menu on the left, and towards the bottom you will see "List Subscriptions" which will display every thread you've posted to in order of most recent activity. :)

Welcome to the board, welcome to CD, and feel free to ask for anything you need! Good luck - you're going to do well.
Thanks again everybody. Its gone midnight !!!! eeeekkkkk!!! scary monsters!!
Ohhh Peach, you said to ask for anything I want............ I'll have a nice tall geordie, with dark wavy hair, a nice house, loads of money and a good sense of humour please. If you find more than one, then two will be fine, dont want to be greedy:gimi:
I've noticed that some on here have diary sub forums, do you think its a good idea to start one till i find my way around or is that the wrong way to do it? I am making mental :silly::silly::silly::silly: notes of the advice your giving me, about setting up my ticker thingies and the minimins thingy and the sparkly names etc but im too whacked (in the politest way) to do it tonight. Perhaps do it tomorrow night when Im a bit thinner lol. How do i see my pm's. I cant find them anywhere. Somebody added me as a friend and now i dont know where to look to see if shes sent me any hugs and stuff!!!:eek::clap: Yipeee.
Anyway, i'm going to go to sleep now so that Saturday will be here sooner and I can start my Cambridge Diet and be like one of those gorgeous skinny minnies who carry a bottle of water around and pose on red carpets and can sing.... do you think I will be able to sing when I'm gorgeous and thin?

.:character00182: The louder you scream, the faster we go!!!
Lynne x
See you tomorrow.


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I know a geordie in the states. Tall, dark hair, lives on Tybee Island and used to travel with major rock bands, so I'm assuming plenty of money and know tons of connections. Deep, heavy geordie accent.... but he has a wife. I am willing to bet he'd cheat on her, but.... :(


The Nerdy Singer
As for PMs and stuff... you have to have 50 posts before you can get access to your profile or PMs. But trust me - 50 posts comes pretty quickly around here! :D
Awww Peach, thats no good!! I dont like rock music, damn n blast! Dont you know one that can play honky tonk piano?
50 Posts!! FIFTY!! ok, can do.
What do you think about a diary???
I have woken up a bit early its only 6am and iv'e got that 'who am I?, where am I?' feeling, so I think I will have to dim the lights and try again. I wouldnt be awake now if my dog hadnt fallen off the bed!
Lynne x
Hey Wizzbang - when I started I got onto the word association thread and posted like a mad thing to get the posts up....try it and you'll get all the fancy extras your talking about in no time at all.

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