Hips of doom have got to go!

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  1. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Caught myself in a mirror last night holy moly!!!! Thought I was looking ok when I went out, hubby used the word lovely but pheeeeeeeeeewwweeeeee those babies are HUGE. I look like my slightly large top half has been plonked on a tabletop! Trouble is my motivation at the moment is zero. I get anxious and at the mo I feel really good so am struggling to get myself started. Love the freedom but the tree trunk legs and tabletop hips must go so here I am! I need help!

    Last year I lost a fair bit on here but I've now gained it all back. Upping exercise and balancing food is the answer and I have to do it without the expectations being too high (ie if I lose 3 lbs pw for 3 months I will be over 2 stone lighter etc - I do that all the time!!) I lose slowly so that's never going to happen but I will plod and I will do it!! My weigh in day is monday so will redo my stats and get ready to kick start 2014!! Hope a few of you join my journey so we can drag each other along!

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  3. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    Yaaaaaaayy!!!!! Welcome back! :) :) with a sparkly new diary too xxxx

    Lisa xxx
  4. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    It had to be done!!!
  5. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Well tomorrow the push begins. Been very active this weekend but have eaten junk and just cracked into my Lindt bunny from Easter as don't want it around (could've given it away I suppose but that was never a realistic option, so, tomorrow am I do my proper first weigh in. It's going to be slow I reckon but I'm going to stick at it. I met someone yesterday who said the main problem for people like me is work. I sit down in front of a PC all day. She said that when she gave up work she lost 2 stone without trying and it's true, when imp hols even though I eat and drink more - I lose or stay the same. I rarely gain on holiday and that must be because I'm walking and out and about all the time. When mortgage is paid I'm going to seriously consider changing my job, but til then I will be here so, here we go! Let's do this thing!
  6. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    Go girl!!...you've done it before you can do it again!. See you tomorrow!! :) :) xxx

    Lisa xxx
  7. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Right. Weighed in at 14-13.5 so will change my profile again when I log in properly. Woken up feeling like I'm in a fog and wrapped in cotton wool and annoyingly have to travel to present a course ugh! Part of my lifestyle change will be more sleep, plus I've heard it impacts your weight if you don't get enough so going to really try. Going to meditate again too. An all round improvement to get to a better place!

    So food:

    35g porridge oats, milk, 0% yog! apple, 1 tsp sugar. Decaff

    Taken the same to work as a snack with mini oranges and apples. Will have to get something for lunch but only having a Half hour break so not sure what yet. Usually it'd be jacket and beans in the cafe. I need to do a shop or at least some cooking!!

    I do have d's birthday at the weekend and we are eating out on Saturday if not staying out the night plus I'm sure will have lunch out on his birthday so not the easiest week but I will try my best!

    My head may not be in it but my heart is so I'm glad I've committed to start

  8. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    Don't put too much pressure on yourself this week. Just start it slow and steady, food optimise if you have to so you can get your head back in the game after D's birthday.
    We've got a meal out Saturday too. T's Mum and step Dad are coming up from Swindon and stopping through before they visit reli's in Manchester. We're planning going to The Chinese Buffet. Luckily they have a huge salad and fruit bar there so going to fill up on those and avoid chips. Eat lots of rice and meat and veg and have a huge bowl of hot and sour soup. I'm hoping to keep within my 15 syns. Fortunate enough I've been there many times so know most of the dishes and know what a pig I can be so I'm prepared in my head at least xxx

    Lisa xxx
  9. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Sounds yummy!! What was that chickpea Dahl thing you used to make? Just found a tin!
  10. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    Chickpea dahl loaf

    1 packet of bachelors savoury rice
    1 tin of chickpea dahl
    3 eggs.

    Make up the rice.
    When the rice is done, mix in the three eggs and the tin of chick pea dahl.
    Spoon into a baking dish - large and flattish is best.
    Cook for around twenty minutes on 200 or until the loaf is firm. I usually put cheese on top too :)

    Lisa xxx
  11. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Thanks babe will give it a go xx
  12. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    So I had another helping of porridge oats and some aldi cous cous (5.5). Apple, banana, oranges. For dinner, 2 peppered steaks and cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce, fruyo lemon yog (2.5), fruit pastille lolly (3). Not enough veg but no time as had a meeting after work. Tomorrow will eat lots of veg to make up for it
  13. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    Food looks good :) how have you found your first day? xxx

    Lisa xxx
  14. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    It was fine and so was 2nd day. Saying that I've not eaten yet as I've been in the garden from 6-9 planting and weeding. I'm opening up the garden for a local charity do on June 22 so need to keep on top of it.


    Oats, yog, milk, apple, banana
    Special K bar
    Mug shot tomato
    2 more apples!
    Tofu and noodles
    Something nice like a funny feet lolly

    So busy today haven't worried about lack of food or dullness of it!! Went to garden centre at lunchtime and got back to office at 2.30. If I'm busy food doesn't bother me. Out tomorrow night doing a walk at a nature reserve so again, busy and occupied so I can't be tempted!!
  15. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Oh and 2 corn on the cobs.

    Syns - 2 tsps sugar
  16. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    My birthday is the 22nd June :)

    I not had a funny feet ice lolly for aaaaaaagesss!!! I've been gardening today too...although mines only a tiny yard - but it's been a gorgeous day for it xxx

    Lisa xxx
  17. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    I will toast you on my garden day!! My gardens not big, but I've stuffed it full of plants. Got given some today which is great as have an obsession and keep buying more more More!!

    Here is a pic last year of one of my beds..


    Will take the whole garden when it's more in bloom. Yards can look great. I had a yard size garden and decked it all and stuffed it with plants and I had lots of candles. It was like my own private paradise. Then you move and the garden is bigger and it's just not as cosy and bushy! Love my garden and completely get why you love yours and for special reasons too xx

    Just had this 25g= 5.5 syns so that's 11.5 today (guessing 4 for funny feet but will check later)

    Good luck tomorrow sweet cheeks! Hair looks fab by the way and you look gorgeous! Xx
  18. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

  19. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Good evening. Hectic day. Boss visited at work and we always go out for lunch but I eat before we went and just had a water while everyone else had cheesy toasties, cake and biscuits- yes I felt very self righteous!

    Zoomed home and the out in half an hour to go on a nightingale walk at the local nature reserve. Really great at night when it's shut and no one else is there, the views are breathtaking along the estuary. It was a little bit of exercise but it was a bit too low key really, I need to get my arse in gear and do some more strenuous exercise. I am ok with walking aNd gardening but actually making a proper effort is just too dull. Must though as been daring to look in detail at my body today and the signs of 1-ageing and 2- being overweight for 20 years are well and truly showing and I must halt it before it gets much worse!! ( also must stop examining myself too closely - it only leads to pain!!!)

    So food today was:

    Oats. Yogurt. Milk. 1tsp sugar. Banana.

    Pot of fruit salad. Chickpea Dahl loaf (it was nice Lisa - ta For recipe). Orange.


    Chickpea Dahl loaf for tea too on with salad and 2 tbsp light mayo.

    When I got back from tree hugging I had one bag of chilli sun bites

    That's it! No wonder I feel a bit sluggish it's not really enough for me. Oink. Luckily at the moment I'm not too interested in food (makes a change!!) and I've been v busy, but working from home Friday so need to arm myself with lots of free food or I fear the Lindt bunny will get it! Big shop after work tomorrow I think (yawn). Right before I sleep am planning my Saturday night out meal so I'm sort of in control!

  20. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    Think that's why I like extra easy so much. I don't feel hungry on it. I don't think I could go back to just doing green days now. I've not touched pasta for nearly 2 months, and probably only have bread 3x a week. I think that's because the protein satisfies me, mind you I'm planning on making a meatloaf tomorrow and then I'm keeping off minced beef for a while - no reason other than I'm just going off it.

    I would love to see a nightingale I bet they're beautiful - I shall miss seeing Mr and Mrs Black Bird tomorrow, thanks to my neighbour and his trimmer :( T can't understand why I'm so annoyed and sad...think it's my age but I live so close to the town centre and green areas are rare.

    Would you not consider eating fish to vary your food? Are you veggie or is it you just prefer green days (sorry I forget). What about a veggie stew put in the slow cooker before work?.

    I'm 45 this year and have probably spent the last 5 years going OMG!! every time I've looked in the mirror. Saggy bits, folds of skin, grey hairs, wrinkles, lumps, bumps, dimples - I could drive myself demented and you will too if you over analyse yourself. Concentrate on what's under the bonnet, not the body work - think classic car... Or in my case old banger :D
    I've got a meal out to a Chinese buffet on Saturday with the family and the in-laws hope I keep within my syns and don't crash and burn. Where you going to eat? any idea what you're going to have? xxx

    Lisa xxx
  21. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Haha yes, slightly badly tuned Aston Martin haha!!! I do drive myself mad as you know!!! Overanalysing and looking at each vein, lump, dimple, fold etc... But I'm 43 this year and I have to accept there will be changes! I completely get the blackbird thing. Put out some mealworms and they'll be there. I have a nest in my camera box (hatching due Saturday) and they've trim we'd back all the trees opposite meaning no leaves under which birds can get caterpillars and I was actually really upset mine won't be able to find enough food in a town for the babies!

    I'm a veggie so no, won't each fish - it does really impact variety and choice so I've got to be inventive.

    Better get ready for work - meant to be walking this morning
    Have a good day

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