Hmmmm not impressed with AAM so far..


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Hiya Everyone..

Well after 4 weeks of a loss everyday, I started my first go of AAM on Tuesday.. 50g of Chicken, small floret of brocolli and same of cauliflower, had same again last night..

hoped on the scales this morning and I have gained 0.8lbs (not a great deal I know, but still miffed about it)

Thought I would measure to make myself feel better.. no change in two weeks there either!

pffffttt.. dont think I can drink anymore water than I am already (4-5ltrs)..

My first bummed out day on this diet!! :(
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Have a serene day!!
Don't feel to bummed - a nutritionist once told me that when she was on a course their tutor told them all the weigh themselves at different times during the day and she had waivered up to 4lbs overweight over the 8hours. So don't worry its only the difference between a good piddle.

Keep your chin up, and remember next week you will be back to SS, and your metabolic rate will have gone up because of your AAM.



hiya.. not sure if cauliflower is part of aam???? i stand open to correction but i either didn't have it cos it wasn't allowed or bit tasteless ha ha love brocolli tho....

don't worry you could be just retaining fluid..... you will be losing again soon.

i never did a full week AAM anyway a couple of days saw me right and then back on the ss wagon again...

Gen xx


finding my way again !
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yes you can have Cauli,
are you TOTM or coming up to it, it could be water retention, or all sortsof things, stick to it hun, it'll b worth it in the long run


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There is 3,500 calories in a pound and in the course of the day on AAM your having 720 calories.

So actually fat gain is near to impossible, but water retention is.

As Cherly said it could be hormonal.

And as Mamma_caz pointed out your weight fluctuates through out the day.

1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogram or 2.20lbs.

I always think if the scales are not your friend your better off just weighing at your CDC.

And as Gen has said...Try not to worry.

Love Mini xxx


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Everyone I have spoke to have said that they have still lost weight and good losses on the AAM week as for me it is something I too worry about as seems to be wrong to eat again.

I think when on AAM it may be better not to weigh daily like with SS as I know when I was dieting on WW etc I would only lose weight towards the end of the week.

So I know its hard but I would keep off the scales and if you stick to the AAM guidlelines you will see a loss :)


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Thanks guys for words of wisdom and support..

Today is another day, feeling positive again, did my AAM last night, still no change on the scales this morning (yes I know I should stay off them).. BUT I think your right its fluid, my rings were tight this morning, and last night I had sock rings on my ankles.. Im mid cycle so its not TOTM.. so can only assume my body has finally decided to protest alittle to this diet!!
Have mental picture of the fat cells in my body hanging onto any water it can in a dire attempt not to be pee'd down the toilet and flushed away!

Today I will be mostly drinking water, taunting my fat cells and pee-ing! lol


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Chuck those bloomin' scales out of the house. When I didn't lose for two whole weeks (what's that all about?) I nearly gave it up. In the end I had to give up my daily wi fix.

I think sometimes your body just rebels. This is not the time to worry about the scales.

That said, I have one and a quarter pounds to go and will have lost 3 stones.....getting so excited keep hopping on the scales every few hours.