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holiday help needed!!!


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This is the problem, i turn 30 next sat(29/3) on the nite of my birthday i have all my friends coming round for drinks and a takeaway now i can get out off drinks and say im not feeling well and just pretend to pick at food but 2 days later on the monday im off to egypt 5* all inclusive for 2 weeks my birthday pressie from hubby, my heart says go and have a ball and start fresh as soon as im home but my head says no way this was too hard to get into so what do i do? anyone who has been a hol during there exante journey ther advice is much needed and all other ideas will be greatfully appreciated x
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You only ever turn 30 once, and 5* all inclusives don't happen every year, or even every decade. Enjoy it! Any weight gained can be easily lost again.

Just by doing Exante you have already proven to yourself you can exercise control over your eating under some pretty tough circumstances, so coming off-plan for a couple of weeks doesn't mean you have a licence to go mental, nor is it a guarantee you will. Just 1) don't eat out of boredom, 2) don't eat because it's there, and 3) don't eat because it's 'free'. Just keep it high protien, eat because you're hungry, then stop. But you've been doing that already. Besides, as you know now, a few pounds gained on the holiday of a lifetime can easily be lost again - it's not the end of the world. Personally I think the holiday's more important but that's probably because I don't really have any, and think it's a top toppest opportunity and experience. A couple of weeks of dieting could fix a couple of weeks of holiday. Simples.

Getting back on it the second time round is not going to be as hard as the first, as you already know what to expect and how best to deal with it. I tend to find I now slide in and out of ketosis with barely a whimper, but I only have a couple of days off at a time, rather than a couple of weeks.

You could take a fortnight's worth of shakes, bars and soups, but IMHO it would be a wasted opportunity and cast a shadow over the trip. (Esp if you have an issue finding clean water).

However if you think that going off-plan is going to cast an even bigger shadow and make you spend the entire fortnight worrying about it, then take the decision to stay on plan. But you might want to think about why it bothers you so much though :(

It's a time to be dead excited, not this troubled by it :(

But don't take any notice of me, I'm a baaad diet person ;)
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Well, we were only talking the other day about widening our horizons around enjoyable events and life in general and not making them so "foodcentric". I have to admit all inclusive is a bit hard to get your head around, but... what do you want most ? I have travelled and holidayed and stuck 100% [ honk honk] to the plan, my plan, abstinence. I went to the States last October, normally a total carb and sugar fest for me, and I stuck 100%. I was there for the black Friday sales and sooooo enjoyed the shopping. When I packed to come home I left behind a pair of jeans that had got baggy, came home to a pair a size smaller I had bought before going and slipped into them. It felt wonderful , no regrets,felt so proud of myself for sticking to what I wanted and glad I had given myself what I wanted. I had a really good holiday, enjoyed it loads and came back feeling fabulous up beat and with no awful "catch up" to do. I also went to Italy[ previously the scene of much scandoulous scoffesting], drank a lot of fine coffee, walked loads sightseeing, stuck to abstinence and lost a ton of horrible weight that made me miserable and unhealthy. I never thought I could do it, but I did. I just had to decide to do it. A lot of people, including me will say it can be harder to "get back on it again" after a break. Listen to yourself, you say your head says to stick to it. Your head is the one to listen to. It's the decision you won't regret, that I can guarantee. Food will always be there. I would "carpe diet" You started this for a reason, has that reason changed? if not then why change the plan? Please do not give drinks with friends a miss, they are your friends, enjoy their company, have a glass of soda water throw your head back giggle and laugh until you cry. You are going to be 30,.. be flirty. Have FUN . Do a brainstorm on paper about what is going to be good about the event.Just move the focus of the event away from food, in your mind. Losing weight and keeping it off is about getting your head around the attitudes to food that make us overeat, social eating, celebratory eating is one of them, and yet who really remembers the food and drink? who take photos of food and drink to laugh at reminise and fondly remember for years to come ? What you will remember and photograph either digitally or in your hearts eye is the place and the friends and the laughs. Egypt !!!! OMG brainstorm how much there is there to enjoy and feast your senses on. The people, landscape, not to mention the flipping wonders of the flipping world !!! Enjoy not being at work away from the daily grind, time to spend with your old man [ nudge nudge] take pride in loving yourself and doing what is best happiest and healthiest for yourself.Abstinence is not deprivation it is being good to yourself.Why wouldn't you be good to yourself?? That's what can be great about being 30, knowing and doing what is best for you, leaving old mistakes behind, knowing what it takes to be all you really want to be and having the maturity to make it happen. Believe me you don't not want to be facing 40 and being fat. I'm sure some of my sisters on the forum will say Amen to that. Think about what you would really like to happen and what outcome you hope for, then plan to make it happen. Simple as.No game playing, no tricks, no excuses. Once you've made the decision it is much easier, the umming and ahhing is just distraction and destruction. Think what you want and why and then "just do it". Let your head make the decision, your heart will swell with happiness pride and thankfulness to it.

So anyway.... that's just another point of view and an option for you.... You know, there's a reason why Miss Demeanour calls herself Miss Demeanour !! she just loves to be a bad,.... bad girl !!!! [tee hee]


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I would agree with Miss D

Life is too short to go on an all exlusive and not eat. Be sensible by all means, don't use it as an exuse to go mad but I wouldn't make myself miserable by denying myself any food at all.

Whenever I have gone on holiday during/after a VLCD I always manage to at least maintain. Think it's because I do a lot of walking and also the hot weather makes me naturally chose something like a chicken salad

Just be strong afterwards and get straight back on - I haven't and whilst I manage to maintain (ish - this time was different - new job & christmas saw a 20lb gain) I struggle to get on with the job at hand (until my next holiday is due of course - going away in 7 weeks hence back on the waggon but at least my starting point is a lot lower each time)

Anyway - good luck with whatever you decide. Enjoy............



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I have just been to Egypt on all inclusive, had a bad tummy for a couple of days which seems to be quite usual for Egypt and when I weighed in a few days after returning, I was lighter than when I went. I ate what I wanted more or less, but it seemed that a lot of what I wanted was smaller portions and healthier choices (in the main). What I think was the crunch for me was the lack of alcohol, after being ill I just did not fancy it so avoided an awful lot of empty calories that way.

In the end it is entirely up to what you feel comfortable with and what would not spoil the holiday for you. Only you can make that decision unfortunately. Good luck whatever you decide - and have a bloody good time!

Bren xx


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I am going on holiday in 2 weeks time. I'm off to Florida with my family - there will be about 13 of us. I have decided to take some shakes and bars with me and do 2 meal replacements a day plus an evening meal. Sort of working solution, but plus the odd alcoholic drink - I am on holiday after all!!

I don't know if I will put on weight, probably, but who cares! I have lost about 5 stone in the last year and would like to lose another 3 stone. When I get to target, there will be a whole new battle - keeping the weight off. But what woman doesn't deal with this battle every day. At least when I get to target, if I put on a few pounds, I've only got a few pounds to lose, not 8 stone.

Life is for living and yes being overweight does make us miserable, but everything has to be in perspective - eating is not a crime - we have to control what we eat and not let it control us. I think total abstinence shows that food is controlling you. I think food is a huge part of our social culture and therefore it is unrealistic to say it is not important and that when everyone around you is eating you should abstain.

If I gain weight on holiday, I will know why I have put it on and I know how to get it off again. Put it behind you and move forward.

Have a great holiday - they are few and far between. Eat sensibly but most of all have fun!!


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thanks everyone, ive decided to just have my holiday get back and deal with what ever gain i get, ive waited months for this and its our first hol in over 2yrs due to pegnancy and daughter being too young. in general im quite healthy on hol anyway lots of salad and fruit and i dont drink either so that helps i will stick with total solution until next wed then add some foods slowly till we go on the mon dont want to shock my system lol. quak i know what you mean about dodgy stomach last time we were in egypt i came back about 8lbs lighter after having the dreaded sharm el sh*ts for a week of my hol but cant guarantee that will happen again lol x

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