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horrible people

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I bumped into an ex-boyfriend who told me how much weight i had put on. I have had a baby 14 weeks ago so im a bit heavier than i was. I spent the last 2 hours crying. I know I have put weight on but I am doing something about it now. I know I shouldn,t care what he says but he looked so shocked. Im just so upset x x
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I wouldn't care what he says - you've moved on since then and have a beautiful new baby. He'll be an ex for a reason !

Be happy and live your life for you. If you want to lose weight, you can do it !
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Ignore him and just strive for the positive comments when you lose the weight!!

Men!!!!! How bloody insensitive!! What a loser xx

lost nearly 6 stone ... hoping to make it 7 :)
S: 13st10lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 0st8lb(4.17%)
People can say lovely things to you but it just takes 1 person to be horrible to get you so upset. I was 4 stone lighter when i went out with him and only 17 years old. I just think everyone must be thinking the same as him x x
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It sounds as though he hasn't grown up in that time !!
He will still be immature, when you are thin again ;)
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who cares what he thinks... in a matter of months you will have the weight off and then who will be laughing?

dont let one fool get you down - stay positive, you are doing something about it and will look and feel fabulous in no time at all xx
S: 13st10lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 0st8lb(4.17%)
the worst thing is my boyfriend tells me how lovely i look all the time and i ignore him. my ex is 1 of them super skinny blokes who eats what they want and never ever puts any weight so he has no idea how hard it is. and he really is a pig and some1 i shouldnt listen too, so why do i feel so bad!?!! x x


Violet is shrinking
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My ex said something to me several weeks ago...I was upset for a while then it hit me...I can loose weight, he can't change his face! :)
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notsoskinnymarge said:
It sounds as though he hasn't grown up in that time !!
He will still be immature, when you are thin again ;)
I agree probably going on his own insecurities! Just an idiot xx

lost nearly 6 stone ... hoping to make it 7 :)
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The thing with exes is... we always seem to seek their approval EVEN after splitting up with them. Sad isn't it?

I would ignore what he said, you have created a wonderful new life, you are older and our shapes change. You aren't a teenager any more chick, it's all in the past.

He sounds like a right nob. I'd rather be overweight and a nice person than stick thin and a complete dick!


A thin person in disguise
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Totally, agree with all of the responses; what a complete loser. You know he is jealous of how you have moved on with you little one. Only because of where he is (not far from the gutter) he believes that if he says horrid things to you, he will make himself feel better. All I can say is that altho it horrible what he said, pretend that you are wearing a teflon coats and let the remarks slide right off you and into the gutter back, down to him.

I feel your pain, as I hate it when people think they are entitled to comment on my weight....self-righteous bleep bleep bleeps xxxx
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I'm in a line of work that means I constantly am receiving feedback (both solicited and unsolicited) from colleagues and members of the public about... well, pretty much everything including (despite the fact it has nothing to do with my ability to my job) my appearance.

This is the kind of situation that could destroy my fragile ego when said feedback is negative, so I've come up with a way of dealing with it that is directly linked to what I actually think of the person giving me the feedback. If I have a lot of respect for the person, I attach weight to what the say and take it on board in a constructive a way as possible. Comments from people I don't know enter into the brain equivalent of "This comment is awaiting moderation" that gets a cursory glance over later in my day to see if it has any merit.

And if I think they're a Grade A t**t I immediately discount anything they've managed to string together as being non-applicable - not because the comment itself is incorrect (because sometimes it isn't) but because I'm not going to give any respect to comments made by people that I have no respect for.

Your ex-boyfriend is definitely in the Grade A category. Let's face it, unless completely socially inept most people are aware that telling someone else they've put on weight is a social faux pas. Therefore, the majority of people saying it are saying it deliberately, either to get a rise out of you or to make you feel bad.

And my reply would have probably have been something along the lines of "Yeah, I know! It's that classic "Happiness Weight" that you get when you finally meet the someone who loves you for being you. I notice you're still really skinny by the way. Have you tried Speed Dating?"
He probably said it on the spur of the moment, without thinking. None of us would ever do that because we are so sensitive and aware of the pain such remarks can cause. He is a natural skinny and has never experienced that kind of pain. He simply said what he was thinking - inconsiderate, yes, thoughtless, yes, harmful, definitely.

Put it behind you and concentrate on losing the weight and getting fitter for yourself and for the lovely man you have now. AND for your sweet baby! All the very best hun x


To infinity and beyond!
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Or in the words of that great prophet Chipmunk :D

"Opinions ain't fact, take em and let em go!"
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Exes really should be rounded up and shipped off to an offshore compound
Please ignore that comment hun and like you said your oh thinks you are beautiful you have a beautiful baby and you are doing something about your weight x
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You should be happy!

The moment he said that to hurt you, you should have thought about the good piece of shlt you got rid of!

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