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Horse Riding Exerciser

We picked up the new toy yesterday & I (other than hoping the neighbours can't see in - not sure I can loose that much dignity in one go!)
We've all tried it out - I have taken a pic of me on it, but don't have allowance for an album yet! Will put on when have one as it'll be an incentive.
It def counts as exercise as we can all feel we've done it, but without the stress I would've caused a poor horse :rolleyes:
I think (after loosing the weight:D) that we'll all take up horse riding - except OH as he hates horses :8855:
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Wow! What's it look like? Where did you get it? I used to love riding, but as you say I wouldn't inflict myself on a horse at the moment! That's one of my "When I'm slim..." goals - to take up riding again.
That was a huge goal for me, I'm now at a weight where I can ride again :D so chuffed. Where did you get it anyway?

Emma xXx
I've been on one of those and it sure didn't feel like any horse I've ever sat on! :D but nonetheless great exercise. Actually I've got videos somewhere that look SO wrong of my mum, dad, & even grandparents going on it. Hilarious!
I'm so lucky that my parents both have big horses who can carry me even at my heaviest, once I lose the weight it just means that they will be able to go faster when I ride them, I like it :D
all these ladies saying they love to ride, I never realised how sexualised my brain is until i started on this forum.
Naughty boy, Huseyin! It is just your dirty mind...a lot of women enjoy sitting on warm animal flesh as it pitches and rolls (sorry mods, I'll get me coat...):8855::8855::8855:
It's unbelievable what gets turned to smut on this forum lol xXx
Well we have to do something instead of eating!
I got mine on e-bay (search for horse riding exerciser or I-Joy - can't see why they had to give it such a name, it's no wonder we are getting smutty:8855:)

You're right I have never been on a horse like it - though the one I have has a seat the closest to the saddle, so it's a bit better than the I-joy (though I wanted this one for the name!)

It really was the best bit of fun - the aim is to spend 15 minutes on there twice a day - if I can get the kids off that is!
Sounds similar to an attatchment you can get for your i-pod ;) :p
After trying to think of a way to put this - what the hell can you get for your i-pod with a name like I-Joy & what does it do??! Not sure I really I want the answer, but can't help myself :8855:
:8855: This is hilarious.

The thing you attach to ipods sounds suspiciously like something you'd get from ann summers?

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