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How abt being size 0

Since diet n weightless is always revolving in my mind, I was thinking if I would like to be size 0 n thn I thought No, I love curves so I want right flesh at rite places :) u knw eat I mean , what do u think, if u get a magic wand would u like size0

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For me I know I never could be, my doctor said what ever you were at age 14 is basically what you can get down too, Im happy with a size 14/16 anyway!


Not such a fat kat now :)
It's got to be 12/14 for me I think. Mh daughter is a size 8 and is 5ft 7 same as me. She is so bony . She is naturally that size though she doesn't have to work at it. I'm sure she would be dead if she was a 0. Its a sick size to want to achieve. No self respecting human being would want to be a 0

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Oh God no!!!

At nearly 5'11'' I would look really awful! I'd like to be a 10-12: I basically just want to get rid of the love-handles! Any lower would look bony and ill on me. But that's partly because I naturally have wide hips and shoulders, and I am naturally quite muscular, too. So to be a size 0, I'd have to drop way below my natural shape / weight.

I think those lollipop-ladies in magazines look funny - they might look good in photos or on screen, but I bet if you saw one in the street, you'd think they were too skinny.

Not that I want to be "thin-ist" - this is obviously just my opinion! And I have to admit that some clothes only look like they should on very boyish figures. Each their own, right? :)
In 2000 when i was 18 i could wear kids clothes n they were actually too big in me, the outfit i wore for a meal with my folks on my 18th was a size 6 from
Top shop which is well know for bwing small size wise, id be happy to be a 12-14 again as with my boobs anything smaller id look stupid! X
12-14 would be my dream to get back too. ive got loads of my lovely clothes from when i was this size before, tempted to hang them round the house to remind me ;)

anything smaller would be way to thinn, i love natural looking people not someone who i would like to feed up x
Mmm I would like to be a 12/14 I was this size at about 20.. Funny thought I was fat then!! my mum had so much negative rubbish she kept telling me since I was 16ish.. I actually believed her SIGH!

Talked to her recently about it and she said I was so slim and beautiful she was trying to keep me that way by telling me I was eating too much, and would get fat! All I heard was your getting fat, u are fat! So in the end I believed her.. I still hear the negative thoughts in my head.. Am working through the Dr Phil book on the 7 steps of weight loss.. Hope it will help :)
I'd be happy in a 14 but my ultimate goal is a size 10!!! Curvy healthy happy!! Cx


Not such a fat kat now :)
Mis- behave I had a similar experience. I'm actually a curvy hourglass shape. My sister is a straight up and down stick. I spent my teenage years bring told by my parents , dad inparticular, that I was fat and that I had his family's genes so I would always be big.!
When I had kids I did start to put weight on because I thought I may as well be what I was going to be regardless.
It took me years to realise that actually I wasn't fat but had a much better figure than my sister and my parents didn't understand different body shapes.

It's something I've always stressed to my 2 girls that my eldest has my shape but a much skinnier metabolism whereas my youngest is overall narrower and rounder and will be very curvy and sexy but has my predisposition to put weight on.

It can cause issues with my youngest who thinks she's fat simply because my elder daughter is naturally skinny.

We really need to be aware of what we say and do in front of our kids. Psycological damage can go on for years. It's why I refuse to do a tfr diet. I want them to see me have a healthy relationship with food where I may only lose weight slowly but sensibly. No offence to anyone on a tfr it's just my choice.

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Hmm seems 12-14 is in majority , I am 16 n I hav promised myself not to buy any new clothes until I am 2 dress size smaller , hopefully I get some chance buying in boxing sales ;)

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