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How come....


Powdered Toast Man
Ok, i actually work in Argos, so my advise is, dont buy anything from Argos cause its all crap :) lol


Powdered Toast Man
Tut tut :p


Powdered Toast Man
Yeah just take it back say tell them you wasnt happy with the quality and the weight changes all the time, and you will be able to get a full refund :)

I deal with refunds everyday, its so boring :( lol


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Tanita scales are really good though. Even those bought in Argos:D

Might your CDC's scales be wrong?

Regardless. Goal is where you feel happiest. It's not a number on scales. I know that's so vague...but true nevertheless.

So my advice would be to stick with the CDC's scales so you can have a number to guide, finish your losing weight plan according to the 'steps', and stop when you feel it's right.:)
Okay, just dug out the instructions and box. I dont have the clear plastic I think it was wrapped in but cant remember. Have everything else though.

Are they good then? I tputs me 4lbs more than my cdcs which look more expensive.
Okay another question then. I have been on 1000 for the past week and intend to do it for this week. According to her scales I should be at goal in a week. WHat step should i do then? 1200 or 1500?


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S: 22st1lb C: 21st0lb G: 18st0lb Loss: 1st1lb(4.85%)

Those scales are one of the best on the market. Don't bother to take them back.

You will find that lots of scales show your weight differently.

What matters is the amount lost not your actual weight. Go by the CD scales for your actual weight as thats your official weigh in.

My scales are 2 lbs lower than my councellors so I just weigh myself when I get in from her house to check that's still the case then go by mine during the week.

Your councellor will advise you if you need to move up to 1200 or 1500. I think the general thinking is, try it and see which plan keeps you stable.

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