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How did you choose your goal weight?

Hey there to everyone. I was having this discussion with Claire on another thread and I thought I would open this up to everyone in the forum.: How did you choose your goal weight?
Most of us like me, looked at the BMI factor and etc.. but I think in the end the weight chooses us because we stop at the weight we feel good and comfortable at. My goal weight is 128 but if at 130/135 I feel comfortable and my clothes and etc look good its possible that I could stop there at that weight. So in the end I did choose a weight based on BMI factor and etc.. but utlimately the weight I feel comfortable at choose me and its where I will stop..
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I didn't really, I had absolutely no hope of getting to my current 13½ stone. I would have been ecstatic to get under 25 stone and actually be able to weigh myself. Little by little as I progress through 6 months induction I started to slowly believe I could do it, the great turning point was when i got under 20 stone, that was the point where I thought I can keep this up for ever. I was on OWL, eating well and enjoying my food, I was eating loads (no change there then) and starting to feel really good. I was beginning to get some positive comments as well which was nice. I pretty much stayed on OWL at about 40 - 45 carbs a day until Colleen said I'd lost enough and she though I was to skinny. I was out of the obese BMI range just and my Dr also said that I was probably at my optimum weight. So that was it and I've been here maintaining for 3 nearly 4 years now.
ah LOL, there's Laura keeping us on on thread. :p
LOL I'm getting old but it was good to go back and look at the replies and how people got there since the question came up again.. thansk laura for that one :)
and my answer is pretty much what I said last time and I didn't even notice. LOL.


Plod, plod, plod.....
Well it's all new to me!
I never ever thought I could lose weight, talked about it, thought about it never really did anything about it. 5 stones had gradually crept on over 30 years and 4 children. Little by little, and it all seemed so pointless to look ahead 3 years and think, 'I will be slim in 2012.'
Then the backache, hips feeling the strain, a serious health scare and really low self esteem that had gone on for years. A big birthday and finally the realisation that this was my life, and there isn't as much of it left as I'd like there to be and that was it - February 2009, I started the Cambridge diet, found Minimins and got my life back.

Setting the goal..hum, that was difficult, I was so happy at losing any weight at all that I didn't really set one. I thought eventually that 13 stones looked good, but when I got there 12.5 looked even better, then 12, where I am now and now I've decided on 11 stones. And I think that'll be it. I'll just be in the healthy BMI and will have got rid (I hope) of the last few wobbly bits. Then folks it's on with the rest of my life, permanently slim! ( I can't believe I wrote that - permanently slim!?) You should see me grinning! :D
Now that is a good post, well done Bess love.


Plod, plod, plod.....
Thanks Jim, and thankyou for the rep. too. Still grinning!:D
That is an encouraging post Bess :)
Mine is to have the same BMI as my hubbie 22.5 - but basically I want to be a nice size 12 im not fussy after that.

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