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How did you choose your user name?


Fitness Freak!
Ok, mine's fairly boring actually... my name is Lucy, friend call me Loop, Lupin, LucyLoop, any variation of. I wanted LucyLoop but it was taken, so I just added my lucky number.
Mine is my main email address, but I got that email address from an art project I was doing at the time about Edvard Munch, must be about 7 years ago! Eeek!
I just like meerkats :)
Because I am!!!

When I was 39 I kept saying to myself I don't want to be fat & forty and wanted to lose weight, I failed at SW after losing a stone and on my 40th ended up being fat & forty!!! My 41st is coming up in Dec' and this year am determined not to be so fat!!
it was my nickname when a wee gal.... am trying to talk to my inner little ange to get her to stop jumping on the cake when upset


I will never give up
mines boring too its my e-mail address and ebay and when finding minimins i didnt really think that i would actually start coming here regular i just wanted to register to see everyones progress pics so i just wrote that as its easy to remember then i discovered you needed 50 posts to view them so now im on here every day to keep me going.
Another boring one...my phone fruit of choice used to be the blackberry and joined the Vodafone forum while excitedly waiting the Blackberry Storm. Turned out to be the biggest pile of elephant cack I ever had the misfortune to own. I swiftly changed to the iPhone but Lisaberry stuck!
Mine is my African name that was given to me when I was out there last year as a volunteer, my 'momma' gave it to me and means small/tiny! I said I wasn't, but apprently in Africa I am :)

FattyMcBigbum, I'll have some of your bum, I have no bum....its all on my tummy :cry:


Just keep swimming
Mine's from Finding Nemo.........I have a lot in common with Dory and somwhere in the film she says shes a natural blue! My OH calls me a malteaser.......brown on the outside but blonde in the middle LOL.


Wants to shed pounds more
Snow was a surname on my mother's side of the family. As I resembled predominantly that side, I was referred as definitely looking like a Snow-Baby :)
Mine's the advice I give myself: you'd better sort your life out, lose weight and get fit girl! :)

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