How do others Cope with a bad cold


Hi everyone,
I have been feeling miserable for the past week.:( Have had a stinker of a cold for a week now and was actually confined to bed for 4 days. Normally I can fight of a cold well, but I seem to have been floored this time. :(Is it just co incidental that I am doing LL and feel so bad? Has anyone else found it more difficult to fight of a virus? I am dissapointed in myself a bit because I had to resort to taking lemsips, Losenges etc and gallons of hot orange. I havent been using my foodpacks either. I just wanted some soups and cool icecream.
I'm trying to tell myself that 1 week off will not mean that I put back on the weight that I have lost .
(2 stone 2 lbs in 6 weeks):)
I think that I am the same weight so hopefully havent gained. I know however on tuesday when I get weighed I will be disapointed if the scales show a gain.
Anyway feeling a bit better today so am back on track from this morning.
Isn't it true how we equate certain foods as a comfort when we are feeling unwell!!
No more child state!! Back into adult now.:)

if you have any of the st clements - have it hot with a couple of paracetamol, will be like a lemsip :)

Remember - the packs have all the nutrients you need! :p

Hope you feel better soon, good luck with your weigh in, be sure alet us know how you get on
I never take any of the cold remedies that are offered in chemist as they are always loaded with suger. I take paracetamol and a couple of vitamin C tablets. Geri's idea of using the St Clements like a lemsip is brilliant and one i hadn't thought of.
Awww, poor you. Being ill is one of those really challenging times when comforting food is on the mind ! The food packs will give you all you need. Try to get sugar free cough and cold remedies such as sugar free strepsils. Then try to find non food comforting things such as nice baths, magazines, etc. I know its not easy. I tend to resort to "little girl" when I am ill and want to have nice things and be looked after !
I can really sympathise - I've been in bed for the past two days with a streaming cold and could kill for some soothing hot food. Haven't caved in yet - mainly because my other half point-blank refuses to buy me anything and I'm not well enough to get further than the sofa under my own steam! He keeps insisting I'll be really cross if I fall off the wagon - and I know he's right but LL chicken soups just don't have the comfort factor of a real soup.:(
oh dear....I have the black death this week toooo!!!! horrible stuff.

I'm just drinking hot water flavourings and moaning and feeling very sorry for myself and everyone has to listen to me moan...

I take paracetamal and ibuprofen...but I was reading somewhere that we shouldn't be crushing tablets up...something about how it changes the way they are designed to work? I forget where. But I'm sure crushed paracetamal etc tastes yukky anyway :rolleyes:

feel better!!!

Oh poor you! My LLC told me we could take aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol in any format we wanted - I'm mostly taking soluble aspirin 'cos then I can drink it hot which soothes my sore throat. So if you want to crush the tablets, go for it - though as you say they probably taste foul. I'm having tons of hot Forest Fruits water and trying to tell myself it's Ribena!
Hope you feel better soon. wasn't in diet land I was reading this...somewhere in the real world.

Soluble asprin is meant to be soluble so should be ok...but I was reading we shouldn't even be breaking tablets in half!!:eek::eek: I'm a right wuss and scared I'll choke if things aren't in at least 4 bits! hrm...must find what I was reading.
I struggle to swallow tablets so I've always chewed them - tastes terrible but they've always worked and never done me any harm - I think it's only the special "timed-release" formulas that you need to swallow whole.:confused: