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How do vegetarians eat low carb/high protein???

Hi there

on day three and already wondering how I find high proteins as a vege for my add a meal week!!
(is it true you have to do this ever fifth week???)

all the advice seems to be chicken and fish which i don't eat... I also only eat very limited eggs...

Please tell me there will be more to my life than green salad and veg!!!!

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is it not high in carbs??? that would be good as i do like quorn... i have also noticed a grand total of two recipies for vegies on the website!!! lol
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It's probably too high in carbs for an Atkins, but by generous use of quorn products (for example you can have something that is like cold roast chicken by itself as a lunch) then you can keep the carbs down. Also try protein powders - almost all the calories are from protein in those


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It is slightly high in carbs but not too bad and given the choice between that or nothing but veg there really is no contest, lol.


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Not on exante, but w8 and for our add a meal week I can have each day either, 2 plain quorn fillets, tofu -( can't remember how much , but similar size to quorn), low fat cottage cheese. Not on plan, but I occasionally had 20g of nuts (about 6 small brazils) as they were delicious with salad.

Good luck with your choices.:)


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If you look in sainsbury's some of their meat-free burgers (in an orange box) and meat free mince (orange bag) are low in carb - about 2grams a burger I think - also you can make things like moussaka with aubergine and tomatoe sauce layered and cheese grated on the top and meat-free shepherds pie with the above meat free mince and mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes.

There are quiet a few possibilities......good luck with it



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I use Quorn, tofu, cottage cheese, eggs, etc. I checked the lists on Cambridge SS+ and go with their suggestions.


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Thanks Mini!!
To be honest I'm still a bit unclear about and if i need to add a meal as only on day four, but want to try and get it right in my head so I can be prepared!! xxx
when calculating the carb content from a food, you are supposed to take the fibre grams away from the carb grams to get your total, or that is what you do on the atkins diet. I am a vegetarian and I lost 4 stone on it before switching to exante. I would eat tesco soya mince mostly and also quorn but sometimes tofu. It worked for me, so when I get where I want to be that is what I will mostly be eating but with veg and salads. Good luck.:) jen xx
I think the booklet says you're supposed to add a meal on weeks 5 and 13.

Do you still have the little booklet that came with your Exante products, that can probably explain it better than I can!

I know some people dont add a meal until week 12 or so. I dont think this is recommended though. I guess the only reason we are told to add a meal after only 5 weeks is for health reasons, not too sure!

oh and if it helps at all, I will only be adding a meal after 12 weeks.
(please dont yell at me anyone!)
I mean people on LL and CD can go the whole way without adding a meal and on LL they have fewer calories so I think I'll be ok to go 12 weeks until I add a meal :D
Thanks blue butterfly... It does seem so soon after just getting used to not eating!!!!

I have the book, I need to read it properly!!!! Lol x

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