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How do yoo use your syns?


Still Climbing That Hill!
Curly Wurly and Snack a Jacks, every day so far! sometimes one or two on gravy granules.
I've just had a a packet of cadburys brunch bite things -yummy. I use my syns for treats unless I have a flavored couscous, some quorn with syns or such occasionly I will cook a meal with them like red wine gravy on my mash but I can easily come up with recipies that use no syns so don't bother I'd much rather have a hot chocolate and a cake after the kids are asleep.


Lover of Extra Easy
I use my syns in cooking, and SW baking (but only do free are low synned baking) but I mostly use my syns on booze!
I totally gave up chocolate, sweets, proper cakes and biscuits and crisps so I have plenty of syns to play with.
I do a bit of both. I sometimes have syns for either gravy granules, mayo or tomato sauce, or I have them for cheese curl crisps or chocolate.
I am not at all bothered about chocolates, sweets, cakes, biscuits and crisps, but I do enjoy a couple of drinks (alcohol)on Saturday and Sundays when we go dancing.Then I also use syns for gravy,apple sauce,mayonaise,option drinks,curry sauce etc
I have only been doing SW for 5weeks but I hope I am on the right track.
I use mine for gravy or an extra slice of (WW) bread, but most days I have a small 30g packet of salted peanuts - 8.5 syns
both, treats and a nice gin and slimline tonic
red wine!
my sister (also doing SW) thinks I'm mad to "waste" 6 syns on a large glass. She would rather have chocolate.
SW gives you choices but also encourages you to actually CHOOSE (and not have it all like I used to!)


Slow but sure....
I use mine in cooking, gravies & sauces, occassional alcoholic drinks and hot drinks such as my daily Nescafe skinny capuchinno or cocoa powder, and I use quite a lot of tinned fruit (washed and rinsed) in my diet and I use syns for these too.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I plan quite far in advance, and as such I know whether or not I will be using many syns with my brekky/lunch/dinner.

If I have a day where I haven't used many I tend to reach for a Ravishing Ruby HiFi bar or a couple of Alpen light chocolate & fudge cereal bars. Or all of the above :)

For me it varies. I have started eating the cauldron sausages as they are nicer than the quorn ones, but do have a few syns each. I also use syns on alcohol, although I am cutting that down and chocolate treats (small milky way bars).


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i would use use mine for chocolate like a crunchie or i would put 2 mullerlight layers and put in a tub and put in freezer for a low syn ice cream to take to cinema with me . i try to have about 5 syns on a mon wed thurs and fri that way if i miscount it dosent matter so much as i have the syns to cover and 15 on a wi day (after wi) which is tue and also on a sat and sun .:D


Want to do it this time!!
I normally use mine for some extra Bran flakes or some lush sauces for my pasta or rice. However, I do have the occasional snicker bar and tequila (my two main vices)to tide me over.
Scouzer. X
i use mine on chocolate most of the time, or a creamy yoghurt if i've already used too many but still need a little something. skinny cow ice lollies are good, and you can have two in a row if you have enough syns! also alcohol or a take-away, or sometimes things like olives in my salad. not all at once though (unfortunately!) lol :0)

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