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How do you cope!?

How do you cope with food around you?

I have endured....no! Suffered!!! through 2 meal times today with the family.

My husband has rice for lunch every day without fail either with chilli or some other concoction and the kids have what ever they fancy (today it was supernoodles with veg and buttered bread) and they had chicken and potatoes for dinner.

It all smelt so nice and the smell of the dinner is still lingering and its driving me insane :(:eek::sigh: Im not exactly hungry but i am craving food! :rolleyes:

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My OH and kids just had a McDonalds infront of me haha! And I can honestly hand on heart say it didn't bother me one bit. I looked at OH's burger that I would normally eat and thought "that meat looks like cat food..."


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i am the same as you! not hungry but REALLY craving food, tbh ive had a piece of salmon or turkey which i suppose is silly as im not actually that hungry but its better than scoffing chocolate or crisps which I think I would do if I had nothing at all...
I've even tried spraying air freshener but its not even remotely covered the smell. I am just going to have to deal with it haha!

I will not give in on my first day!!


The one with animals
This will make you laugh, I just read a bedtime story to my kids and it ended up being about a huge omelette. THAT made me hungry! Good job it wasn't real LOL
My husband bought some bread on his way home from work and when he came in to kiss me when he got in he left it on the table next to me and went to the loo....I couldn't even pick it up haha I had to wair for him to come back and get him to take it away, the smell was DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! :)

Well i managed to get through my first day with no problems (apart from smelling lots of yummy food) and i feel amazing and so happy that i did it! Obviously my willpower is better than i thought!!

Even my hubby said he was surprised! :eek: :rolleyes:

I had to take 3 cookies out of their wrapper to give to the kids because hubby was driving, that was the ultimate test for me :rotflmao::drool:


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Well done - it does seem to get better - food becomes more detached and something to be noted, to be enjoyed in the next phase. This phase - take the magic packets, and wait for results. Next phase - a totally new way of eating and for me certainty that I will never to be this weight again.
I think those of you who cook for kids and family are doing so well. The sight and smell of food does what its supposed to do - stimulate the appetite. Most of us are coping with habits learnt well and regularly reinforced over many years, see food, smell it, salivate, eat it. Habits take time to change - for most people it takes at least two weeks not to follow that previously learnt response and to ignore the urge.
Well done to all Mothers! You are real success stories.


The one with animals
You wouldn't say that if you saw me drooling at the nutella I put on the kids toast this morning LOL! Even got it on my fingers and managed not to lick it (somehow!) just wiped my hand on the washing quickly before I could change my mind haha.
At 1st it was hell! But after the 1st week was over I was cooking meals without it bothering me at all x
Im actuallyreally surprising myself! I resisted an indian takeaway that my parents had yesterday when i popped round (naughty them for offering me some - i had to tell them about my diet) and my hubby bought the kids fish and chips while we were out today which i dont really like anyway but the smell is immense!

Well done everyone, we are all doing so well. I'm proud of us all :D xx

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