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How do you incorporate syns into your main meal?


olive oil? either as a dressing or used to fry/roast in?
adding peanuts/nuts to stir fries?
spending syns on breaded/battered products ie fish fillets?
Making yorkshire puddings?
If you were having pasta, you could add a few olives to it? They are a few syns, not many. Or a sprinkling of flaxseed etc on cereal? Or currents etc. Or add some smoked mackeral into a salad? Unfortunately thats all I can think of as I use all my syns outside of meals. The only other thing is to maybe have some nice creamy yoghurts for pud or with fruit rather than mullerlights etc.

Hope that helps! xx
Stuff I've spent syns on in meals in the past couple of weeks:

Margarine (on toast)
Olive oil (to fry spices, add to sauces etc)
Tomato puree (in stews, curries etc)
Yoghurt (in curries, dips etc)
Orange juice (in curries, in sauces etc)
Mustard (in sauces, or as accompaniments)
Veggie sausages
Weight watchers wraps
Fish in breadcrumbs
Dried apricots (for tagines etc)
Honey (for sauces, dips, curries etc)
Red wine (to put in casseroles)
Cashew nuts (in curries)
Pitta bread
Oats (toasted, to put on a dessert)
Baking powder
Sugar (in dressings)
Chipotle sauce, Encona sauce (for curries, stews etc)
Harrissa paste (stews, coating chicken etc)
Parma ham (to wrap round stuffed chicken)
Sweetfire beetroot (in salads)

That's as well as extra meat/potatoes/cheese if I run out of HEXes, and yoghurts/desserts
I make it more akward as I'm veggie so no meat/fish, I can't stand olives & I don't eat nuts/seeds. I may look into some of the quorn products that have syns.


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I was going to say my meal syns come from quorn products 1 syn upto 8 syns for the lemon and garlic fillet. I also get tofu fillets which are about 5 syns and a lot of cheese and leek or glamorgan sausages also have a lot of syns.
I think it is easier if you don't eat meat to use up syns.
Cauliflower cheese grills are 8 and a lot of veggie burgers are also high
Wine with your meal! :8855:
Today so far I've spent my syns on:

Margarine for toast (2 syns)
Olive oil in leftovers of last night's curry and the sauce that went with it (1 syn)
Yoghurt, orange juice, tomato puree and mustard in last night's curry and the sauce that went with it: about 2 syns
Tonight Im making a salad that Im going to put coconut flakes in so that'll be about 4 syns.
Also going to make some roasted spicy veg, so Im going to put them in a little olive oil, perhaps 3 syns.

I dont usually spend that many syns in a day, usually only about 5-7, then I have more at the weekend when I have a few glasses of wine.

The rest of this week's menu is something like this:

Black bean soup - orange juice, about 1 syn
Middle Eastern Chicken Stew - dried apricots, about 3 syns
Steak & kidney pie - Guinness - about 1.5 syns and flour about 1 syn
Spag bol: tomato puree and red wine about 3-4 syns and Parmesan, about 5 syns if I dont HEX it.
Chilli - tomato puree and chocolate, about 3 syns. Maybe 5 more syns for cheese if I dont HEX it.
Morroccan soup - harissa paste and sugar, about 1-1.5 syns
Slow cooked beef - flour and tomato puree, about 1.5 syns

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