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How do you reward yourself?

T'be sure the weight loss in itself is enough reward but being genetically greedy I need more.
Today I've rewarded myself with a new hairdo- restyle, three colurs and a blow dry. Not that I could afford it.
Next week I think I'll have my nails done.
At 5 stone -if I can find the money perhaps I'll have botox or whiten my teeth.
Or maybe I'll just start making unreasonable sexualdemands on DH?
How about you?
( i.e. how will you reward yourself-not will you make nreasonable sexal demands of my DH !!tee hee)
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Hi, I have my hair done regulary, I also treat myself to new clothes all be it from the charity shop, I've been shrinking that quick my purse couldn't keep up normally and I've found shops where I can get almost new designer and posh high street things. When I get to goal I've got to think up a goodie, I've never been this size or weight in my adult life, I think I was about 15 when I was this size before and at school that's still the fat kid. My other treats are being able to walk past kids without being called names now. It's fab, I also like to get nice creams and potions and make up. Since losing I've found I take care of my appearance so much more, fake tan is fab too xx
Ooer-fake tan. There's an idea. I'm wearing makeup everyday now for the first time in years. Just feel more like it.


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I had my first treat at 2 stone and plan to treat myself every 2 stone I lose. I had my hair cut last time, next time I'm going to have the colour I have now stripped out and then have it dark brown with blonde streaks. The time after, when I lose 6 stone, I'm going to either have my nails done or have some new clothes, depends on whether I can get into clothes I have now from when I was slimmer


please try again
ive bought purfumes and fancy lotions so far
I buy fashionable clothing, from jeans to tank tops to shorts or tees. A girl can never have enough clothes. And now that I reached goal I love to show off all of my @ssets!


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I decided to buy a DS Lite when I went from obese to overweight, and it might be a Radley handbag when I get to 11 stone. Want it to be something I would never normally buy myself. You never know, I might be able to get OH to chip in for a matching purse!!
i'm going to be starting cd on 3/3 after i've been away for the weekend. fir my 1 stone goals i think i'd have fake tans and when i get my 5 stone off i'd love an all over body massage (wouldn't dare flash my flabby bits at the mo :cry:) oooh and i want want of them family photos, you know the ones with the white backgrounds where everyone is jumping about like loonies (best warn my other half it's gonna be a dear due should i ever shift this weight
Im going to treat myself weekly....sad i know! Every other week im going to have a facial...as my skins got worse recently, then alternate weeks im going to have one of those fat breaking down/ cellulite massaging wraps....as im really conscious my skins not going to stay tight!

I am avoiding buying and nice clothes until i hit my target weight so its a real treat and really exciting to walk into a shop and buy an 8 or 10!!

Well today I am getting my hair done. The usual, dark chocolate tint with cocoa highlights. Last week was a Calvin Klein chunky ring, week before was 2 tops and 2 waistcoats in size 12, week before that was a pair of boots, week before that was a handbag and my first treat was a Per Una top in a 14 which I had my eye on for ages and is now too big.

May be depriving myself of food but not devpriving myself of treats. :)
So far I've had my eyebrows done (hadn't bothered with those for ages :eek: ), had a new purse and new knickers! I'm thinking my legs deserve some treatment next :) I have bought some bio oil as well.

STBG - great treats in your slideshow :D
:eek: Never thought of treating myself at milestones! I do treat myself if I show a 3lb loss or more that week - usually small like a book or new pajamas.

I must start thinking of something good for my 2stone mark - will hit it soon! I'll be at my lighest in more than 2.5 years! :p
Lots of fabby reward ideas here !! I may have gone a bit over the top with the hair as it cost me over 90 quid- can't spend that much every time I need cheering up. Mind you it is quite long and I have had lots of colours in.......

STBG- fantastic jewellery. Great idea if you have the budget.

Think my next treat will be a fake tan when I've lost 3 stone.
Looked up ther price of teeth whitening at a salon by me and have decided it will have to be when I get to goal.... or I could get a car for that much!!

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