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How do you usually feel?

Hi guys
After some general wanderings thru the posts today, i was just wondering what everone's usual was - ie how do you usually feel during your first week of SSing? I start tomorrow so just kinda wondering what to expect i guess!:rolleyes:

Ta muchly peeps
L x
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Hi there

I had a banging headache on day 2 but apart from that not too bad, few dizzy spells if I remember correctly. The first week can be tough but hang in there it will all be worth it.

Good luck!!

Can't remember much about the first time ... not too bad if I remember rightly.

I'm at the end of day 3 now and feel fine - no headaches, lethargy or dizziness. Just a bit hungry from time to time (until ketosis sets in) :)
Everyone is different - but if you're prepared just in case of headaches etc then you'll be fine.

Good luck with your start
The first time I did it:


Afraid of the unknown

Then: headaches, hunger pains, low energy which lasted about three days

After that: energised, not hungry, ecstatic at the weight loss
Thanks hun. Its just that this week i am on what i lovingly call "hell shifts" at work on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday (8am - half 9 at night!), so my first 2 days of SSing are going to be while i at work. Think it good from point of view i will be at work and occupied, but at the same time, feeling poo and being stuck at work is much horribleness!

Also means that i wont get back to the boards til Thursday....maybe wednesday night...cos i'm usual just sleep work sleep work when i'm on these shifts :(

Can cope wi a bit of a headache tho!
L x


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I'm on day 4 today and I can honestly say I feel great. I have more energy than ever, I actually wake up within 10 mins in a morning, instead of the usual 2 1/2 hours trust me, it's true, I'm NOT a morning person, as spooky will tell you LOL I had some hunger pangs earlier, but they were the first ones of the day and went when I had a soup. Yesterday I was a bit headachey when I woke up, but other than that, I've felt fantastic
I was at college as a mature student when I did CD first time around and I was really worried I wouldn't be able to think straight - but it was the opposite. I was so full of energy and my thinking was razor sharp.

I sailed through my exams and went on to University! :)

Fuzzys Angel

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Everyone is different the first time is was ssing no side effects at all, i sailed through it but this week...Arghhh Had headaches, dizzy feeling sick & hungry infact i felt dreadful. I'm now on day 5 & feeling great!!!! but that doesn't mean to say you'll have abad time but just be prepared just incase!!!!

Good luck hun....xxx


MUST get a grip
I'm only on day 2

..... I am treating this like my first time! I was ok yesterday but as the day wore on I got colder and colder, my feet were freezing. I must admit I was a little hungry by the time I went to bed BUT not so much that I could not sleep.

I have had haf a pack as a coffee latte thingy and feel fine.

I have bottled water on desk which I start sipping at 10am and some water flavour so I can have warm berry juice if I get cold again!

No headaches yet - but its only day 2!

I keep telling myself in 2 weeks I'll be about a stone lighter AND look how quickly 2 weeks goes, it seems like it was Xmas Eve about 10 minutes ago to me!

Hi there,
I am on day 4 now and as of yet its all going great, i've not experienced any probs, no headaches etc.
Hardest bit for me has been my very slim other half tucking into KFC's and Subway's infront of me, but if you can resist the temptation then am sure you'll do great.
Good luck.
I didn't get any headaches or carb withdrawal but I was starving and very tearful. I found it incredibly hard to drink the water. It got much better once I was in ketosis tho!

Deb G

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I had bit of a headache day 3, but that was about it. Once I got my first pop-in weight check I was buzzing, and that kept me going. However, about week 3 I seemed to hit a wall and felt SOOOOO tired for about 3 days - but it soon passed!
Hungry :mad:
However, I soon found out that drinking stupid amounts of green and peppermint tea curbed the hunger pains a lot. Discovered that on day 3 and havent looked back since. Keep up the water and you should be fine :D

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