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How early have u brought ur dress??

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Just wondered how early people are buying their wedding dresses?? What are people's experiences with alterations etc... I've found the dress I want today, and managed to just fit into a size 18. I have lost 2 stone already and am hoping to lose a couple more before I get married in 10 months time. I am goin next week to get measured so they will make it the size I am at the mo, and hopefully alter it if I lose weight, would love to drop down to a size 14, but would this affect the dress too much maker it this smaller?
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I've ordered my dress now (wedding in 2013!) and the size she's ordered based on my measurements is a size 16. I normally wear a 12-14 so I'm slightly put out by this (lol) but I have quite a big chest so I've been assured it can be taken in elsewhere.

So what I'm trying to say is that it's better to get too big and get it taken in than estimate too small in case one part of your body doesn't shrink to that - if that makes sense :)
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Im also getting married in 10 months and im ordering my dress on the 8th Oct .. Wedding dresses are bigger anyway so dont feel down about that .. im going to try and lose a stone by then .. then i will decide what size i want to get .. ive heard you cant lose more than 2 dress sizes after youve ordered your dress x
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I'm getting married next August and going to order my dress after Christmas.

Be careful with how much you alter the size of the dress. 2 sizes either way is usually the most that you can adjust. This is because any more and you change the shape of the dress so might not look right. Best to speak to the shop your getting the dress from.


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I get married October 2012 and already picked my dress and get measured march 2012 and been advised that once I am measured then I can't alter more than 2 dress sizes as it will affect the making of the dress and the style etc. x
I'm getting married 1st march 2012 & I've had my dress since April 2009! I fell In love with it! & the shop was shutting so I got it for a bragain £80!! I got the no. Of the shop owner & she said she will do ne adjustments needed nearer the time :) iv found it great motivation to lose weight! & I keep trying it on so I no how well it fits!! :) it has a zip at the side & a corset style back so I can tighten up the back :) x
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hi there,
I have just ordered my dress this weekend. Getting married sept 2012. Like many brides i have chosen to go down the i love it buy it route lol. :rolleyes:

So diet to get into the dress for me. I am hoping it will give me the incentive to stick to a diet this time and stop changing all the time. Been through them all Atkins to Zone.


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I get married in 4.5 months and cannot find the right dress! Panic now setting in!


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OMG I have been looking online for about 6 hours today. I just cant make a decision!
bought mine about 3 months ago. Got it a size too small. Have lost just over a stone since i got it home and haven't tried it to see how it fits yet. Its actually hangin in my neighbours wardrobe and she wont let me keep trying it on cos she doesnt want it to lose its sparkle! Lol! So we are booked in next week to see how it fits!! well excited!


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Yay - dress bought!

4.5 months to the wedding! It's off the shelf, and fits now so any extra weight I lose can just make it a bit easier to fit in.

Happy and relieved! :)
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I've promised myself that I am not even looking until I feel happy about my size! I'm hoping if I get to 14 stone which is 1 stone 11 pounds away then i'll feel good enough to try one. I'm going to the national wedding show in March next year and hoping i'll start trying them on there, with my mum, bridesmaids everybody with me!!

I don't know if I'll keep that promise as I am almost drooling over brides magazines already lol!!

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I am getting married in May 2012 and ordered my dress on 22nd Oct. I am currently a 22 hips and bust and a 24 waist :-( but have ordered a 22 dress BUT want to get to an 18!! Really really want to. Have checked and the dress can be altered down the way by 2 sizes (the bust is the hardest part to alter apparently) and at a push can be altered up the way by 1 size. So I have to lose 2 sizes or gain none!!
I LOVE my dress though so hoping I can lose some so I feel even more special.
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I went couple of weeks ago, lady said it best if I come back In april/march as it best to have dress altered max 2 dress sizes as it loses its shape, I am a 12 at present dress was a 14 so hopefully I will be at goal or as near as I can be by march. I'm getting married in October
Hi, I've just ordered my dress a a month ago, I get married June 2012. I ordered mine two sizes smaller, got the measurements through and I need to lose 5 inches from my hips and bust and need to lose 4 from the waist. I have 7 months, just re-joined slimming world today, trying to not concentrate on the weight and think more of the inches!


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I get measured for my dress to be made at the end of march (so I have 4 months to go) I get married October 2012 so once they make my dress they said they will do one lot of alterations end of July.
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I got married in July this year and chose my off the rack but it was beautiful nether the less 2 months before my wedding on Cambridge diet and it was altered from a size 14 to a 10
Hope this helps

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