How Gorgeous Are YOU?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well....answer the gorgeous are YOU?

What are your best assets? Your great qualities.....

Lets go one step further... If you were to write your own eulogy what would you say?

Anyone a little hesitant at the moment? Well that is perfectly normal. Had I asked what do you hate about yourself, I'm sure that would have been much easier and would have got many more replies than this thread will!!! ;)

We often concentrate on what makes us feel bad, what we don't like and what we don't want. By doing this we already know what the results are because we've been doing it for so long!

How about we now flip that over and do it differently....and focus instead on what makes us feel good and better, the great things about ourselves that we wouldn't change regardless of our size and body shape, the great stuff that we want for ourselves that will help to improve the quality of the lives we lead.

Notice what happens to your body's physiology as you start to think about the good stuff. You will more than likely start to feel cheerier, your posture will be different, the expression on your face may have changed....your breathing will be different. All in all, you will have started to feel now you know that changing how you feel can be as simple as changing how you think and what you think can be as simple as thinking of all the good things! :)

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not attempting to trivialise anyone's situations...what I'm getting at is that when you change your thoughts, your feelings tend to follow which will also impact your behaviours and choices.

Try it and see what happens....challenge yourself today to only focus on the great stuff you've got going on and to fully appreciate your gorgeousness!!! :) :)

Let us know how it goes!! :)
I am totally gorgeous today!!!!!:D :D :D
IM feeling really good today, I am feeling much more positive and yes its true you walk much taller when you are happy.....I feel 6 foot tall today
I am stunning..........LOL
Actually I don't think I look as well as I did over Christmas. I haven't been drinking as much water..........but am really really trying today.

Have to keep up the plan....
Its a bleak wet miserable day here in Dublin. But hey my clothes are 3 sizes health is better and I feel fitter and happier than I have before.


I am a great believer in the 'being kind to yourself' idea; yes I think we are all so much harder on ourselves than we would ever be to someone else. So here goes;

Yes, I am quite gorgeous today. My hair is soft and shiny, my nose is not so red(from a cold not drinking too much!), I like that although I am not slim I am 'proper girl shaped' with the boobs and the bum that go with that. I have put my make up on and some of my favourite jewellry and I am OK!

Love Barb xx
I'm pretty good today - I am drinking lots of water - have lots the bloated face I had over Christmas (from stuffing it with everything in site, specially chocolate and cakes) and feel really healthy!! Skin is clear, eyes are sparkling and I am comfortable in my clothes ... what more could I ask for??
This is a great idea ....
but I'm really sorry - there's not a single thing about me I'd keep. If I could change the lot, I would. When I look in the mirror, I never, ever see 'gorgeous' .... on a good day I just look 'less horrible'. Sorry - but there it is. Could be worse - I could be a nasty bi*ch as well but I think I'm quite thoughtful and considerate.

If I wrote my own Eulogy, it would probably be ...

" She was a nice person" ... and that's not such a bad thing. :)
I'm 5 foot tall! I like it!

I don't bump my head nearly as often as tall people, and theres plenty room for my legs on planes/trains/ etc....

We had a party in the house last night (yawn was up very late) and all my buddies said I was looking fab! I was managing to believe it too, taking in the compliments instead of 'oh well I've still lots to lose' which is my normal reply!

This time last year, Christmas, new year and my January 2nd birthday over, I was 30 and fat, something I always said I never wanted to be. I deluded myself for years that I would solve my weight issues by the time I was 30!

This year here I am, Christmas and new year over, my 31st birthday gone and I am 3 stone lighter and feel much better for it! I may have been fat and 30, but not fat and 31 lmao.

You are right Debbie - we should all be a bit more focused on who we are not how we look. However, I know you weren't fishing, but I can't let you get away with being SO negative about yourself. You see I've seen the photo's, you have a lovely face, a beautiful smile and that photo of you in your uni jumper makes you look a right little cutie!
So watch what you say young lady, that's my friend your talking about!!

Love, Barb xxxxxx
Debbie that is the best thing....People are much more likely to want to be with a nice person than a slim person!

A nice person always leaves footprints on others' hearts ....:)

Now tell me is that NOT gorgeous? ;) :D
OK - being nice is gorgeous! :)
Sorry Barb - I'll try to be kinder to your buddy! ;)
Russian doll, being nice is pretty much the biggest accomplishment anyway. I have some wonderful friends and I love them dearly I would never be without them and thats cos they are nice! Nowt to do with how they look.

If I had to trade being nice for losing weight I'd keep the weight thanks!

I'll bet though that there is plenty about you that the rest of us would like, even though you can't see it for yourself yet.

My looks? Ack. Not something I wish to dwell one.'s been a long time since I looked in the mirror, so who knows. Could have grown 2 heads by now.

Otherwise, I think I am kind and honest. Ready to stand up for what I think is right even if it goes against the majority. (That's what it said in my school report anyway LOL)
Otherwise, I think I am kind and honest. Ready to stand up for what I think is right even if it goes against the majority. (That's what it said in my school report anyway LOL)

That's not a bad quality to have Karion! ;) :)
Shaking an angry fist in the general direction of Debbie! You may not see it when you look in the mirror missus, but others can definitely see it! I think you are very pretty (I like your smile you have nice eyes too , oh and nice hair)! And the cherry on the top of all that is you are a lovely caring person intelligent and witty and a fabulous mum!!!!! You tell me what's not to like about all that?
You know what I have started to do (this will sound completely bonkers but hey ho, why break the habit of a lifetime) I have started to look in the mirror each morning and give myself a great big smile (even on those days where I feel like crying) and I always tell myself "you can do this today because you are worth it"! and do you know what, it seems to be working (so far) so I am ordering you to look in the mirror and give yourself a great big hearty grin, and tell yourself you are gorgeous (because you are)!
If after that you need further proof go and take a look at your babies (you made them and they are part of your gorgeousness too) now tell me aren't they just the most beautiful things you have ever seen? see PROOF something that lovely could not have come from something that wasn't GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found this post and felt it should be topped for everyone else to read and to feel good about themselves.

As for me!? I love my smile even if my teeth are a little crooked. And i wouldn't swap my eyes for any others in the world (my grandma gave them too me and they're all i have of her). I'm also quite partial to my boobs even though there are times when they get in the way :p

The only thing i really want to change about my body is my weight and that's something i'm working on - if i can just get rid of these tyres around my stomach i'll be :D and i think quite content :eek: !!!
I am gorgeous what ever I weigh

Gorgeous is from the inside not a number

My wrinkles are my smiles and my memories of all my wonderful experiences

I am losing weight for health not vanity or to fit in with people who judge me because of my waist size

My mental issues with food ~ now thats another baby !!!!!!!
I can be really negtive about things sometimes, i just have that way of thinking, but i have been working on changing that.

I feel gorgeous whenever my bf looks at me, holds my hand, hugs me, kisses me. In his presence i feel so beautiful. He has had such an amazing effect on my life and i am so grateful to him for that.

But i am trying to lose weight to get my confidence back and be more sexy for him and so i dont bother him so much about being depresed about my weight because it upsets him.

The other little things i like about me, which dont really make me feel gorgeous but more of a good person are things like my sense of humour. I have been told that i can always make someone feel better and bring a smile to their face even when i am not happy myself. I really appreciate the small things in life, especially from friends and family becuase they mean alot to me. People tell me i am pretty but i dont believe them, lol. I have also been told that i will go out of my way to help someone, which is true because i feel so bad when i dont, i even try to help when people dont ask. I'm lso great with kids but thats probably because i'm a bit kid myself, lol. I like my big eyes too and i like that i am a good dancer.

Erm, i dont know what else to say. I feel abit big-headed saying all this

I think eveyone is beautiful in their own way.

There was once a time I looked in the mirror and felt good (about a year+ after having my daughter). Not any more though I have to say.
I don't know whether its because i'm stuck at home with a post baby belly and recently having my son and getting stir crazy in the house.
I hope that once I get back to work part time and start losing the 3 stone i've still got to lose that I managed to put on during pregnancy then I will start to feel like 'me' again.
I am pretty when I make an effort, its just that when I feel low in myself, I don't have the energy to put any makeup on or make any kind of effort with my appearance.