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how heavy do u think a 12 is??

wow you look great! i would have said you were a lot smaller than a 12!!
hmmm maybe 11ish stone then?

thanks guysxxx
Oh just noticed you are both BMI 24 maybe that would be easier to aim for xxx
Owww! Skatie you look amazing in your photos! Well done on your achievements hun. :D

Back to the all important question... I'm 5ft 3" and when I'm a size 12 I weigh roughly about 10st give or take a couple of pounds on either side.

If you get a wide range of heights answering this you might be able to do something statistical to work it out.

Or maybe this could work: At 10st I am BMI 24.5 and a size 12 so maybe you need to be that sort of BMI?

That would put it at around 12st for you I think.



Nearly "Normal"
I've been around Francesmag, lurking here;s got me through the last7 months.

thinkthincd, the bmi of 24 plan doesn't work if you're already at bmi 23, what size are you now?
Hey thinkthincd! Just looked at your ticker - not long to go now then hey! That size 12 is totally within your reach. Go girl!!!!! Keep up the great work and you'll soon be there. :D
Hi hun,

I wish i was bmi 24 i'm 10 over that! i'm not really sure what size i am now, started at a 22 but have lost quite a lot of weight since then i would guess i am a comfy 20.
Thanks hun and congrats on your fantastic losses!!!

Hiya Skatie.

When I was a size 12 I was BMI 24.5 and weighed 10st at 5ft 3".

I'm BMI 23 now and a size 10. I really do think it's all in the BMI tbh because of height being considered.

Thinkthincd's BMI is 34.
Cross-posted hun soz. ;)
wow skatie... what an inspiration!!!! you look completely different!!

and your legs are soooo skinny..

i can only dream of having small legs.. i reckon mine will always be chunky :(


getting slimmer
hi, just thought i'd let you know
i'm a size 12, 5" 6 and weigh about 10 st 8 ish, give or take.
not cd ing at the mo, on a little break and cant seem to get back into it.
will do soon though to lose the last stone.
good luck with the rest of your journey. xx
I am 5ft 8.5 and 12.6 at the mo. My CDC has set my target at 11.11 and she is sure I will get to a size 12. I am a 14 at the mo. Am not sure I will actually be a 12 but would have thought I would need to get down to about 11st to achieve it. I think it all depends on your frame size and how wide your pelvis is, after all you cant loose any off your bones!!!:D

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