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how heavy do you think my clothes are?

As you may have guessed this is about weighing myself.
When I weighed on Monday I had jeans and a jumper and shoes on.
What do you think these weigh?
I have no sclaes at home and just wanted to estimate my actual real weight.
What figure do you think?
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I think you need to allow 2-3 pounds for your jeans and jumper. I always make sure I get weighed in my lightest possible clothes. Sometimes withour jewellery and underwear as my CDC scales are so accurate!!!


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OMG always take shoes off and make sure i have a wee first !
HI There

My CC said to allow 2- 4 pounds for your clothing - of course depending on what you are wearing.

I took off my boots when I got weighed cause my boots alone way 2.3 pounds! :eek: solid black heels! LOL

I didn't want any added weight to my already large total! LOL

Remember if you are going to weigh yourself - do it the same time each day because your weight changes throughout the day - especially if you are drinking alot of water!

Water weighs alot, I would love to know how much water actually weighs and effects the total of your weigh ins.
I'm really obssesive about what clothes I weigh in with! I won't wear jeans as they weigh loads more! Never wear shoes or jewellery!! Even wear trainer socks...not normal socks!!

I would say a light outfit would weigh 2lbs but jeans, jumper and shoes will easily weigh 4lbs!

I weigh at home (naked!) and I weigh 4-5lbs less on my own scales than on my CDC's with all my clothes on.

Hope this helps x
I always wear the same clothes to get weighed at my CDC's.

At home I weigh in the morning, after a wee, with no clothes on, and before I've drunk anything.

It can be 4lbs less then it was the night before, after all the wees.

I'd like to know how much a poo weighs. :eek:
Just to let you know a 2 ltr plastic bottle of water weighs 2lbs, there for if you drink 4 ltrs in a day plus shakes etc you can weigh up to 6lbs heavier in the evening, never weigh at different times!!!
Day 2 for me, and not hungry yet
probably spoke too soon
Peachy - I find I don't feel really hungry - it's just after the first few days I start craving something to eat - not through hunger, and I find that hard. Once I got through it last year I was off (wedding I went to soon stopped it though!:) )
Might go and sort through the wardrobe tonight, see what light clothes i can find for my weigh in monday.
I remember when i was at weightwatchers i did actually weight my clothes on the kitchen scales before i went for the weigh in. God i was an absolute nutter!

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