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how is this fair?!


is a naughty girl...
I am having christmas day off plan and I have woken up this morning with a sore throat, I know it is tonsilitus as I have had it so many times before. My christmas meal is ruined :(

However my question is what can I eat now that is hard to try and clear the gunk from the back of my throat? I have already ahd a bar which helped!
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I find peppermint tea helps to refresh your head.

As for shifting the gunk, I find the choco cake recipe always comes out more like a biscuit rather than a soft cake! lol It might shift it!

I'm also unwell. I started with a sore throat a few days ago, which has now turned into a full blown cough :( I so didn't want to be ill over Christmas. What a b!tch eh! :(:(:(


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you too hun! I know exactly how you feel, it is so not fair! Right before xmas...I'm soooo not happy!

Keep yourself warm and dosed up on paracetamol. Big Hugs x x x


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Oh dear Megan & Emma - I hope you both feel better soon.
Those lavander bag things you put in the microwave are good for warming you up!
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Yep I am feeling sorry for myself as my cold getting worse not better......at least got Mr T home to entertain/over excite the human whirlwind x


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My sides hurt today with all the coughing. I just so hope that i'll be better by Friday, cos right now I'm pretty yucky!
How are you today Megan? Mrs T?
Alexice - I used my lavendar bag (usually I use it at TOTM - godsend!) It was so lush! Thank you for tip hun x x x
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Hi Emma, coughs really take it out of you, I know as Master T suffers with them a lot ! However I myself in a strange way have been lucky, as my cold turned into a mild case of tonsilitis so have been to the the docs and got some anti-biotics today,without those yellow spots appearing wouldn't have been able to get anything.
As far as cd goes.......hanging my head in shame as packs gone into cupboard until sunday(and then only on them for 2 days-unless another social pops up and then they are in there til Jan 1st). I obviously feel a little guilty,but I know I love and trust cd and will be ready for it again after nye as I know I will get the xmas gain off in a couple of weeks.
Hope you are better for the big day Emma.
Also hugs and well wishes to all other poorly cders x
Magic Cold Formula:
1 cup hot water
1 pinch ground clove
A few shavings of crystallized ginger
Enough honey to make it palatable - 1tbsp

I'm not really sure why it works but my boss gave me that recipe and every time I have a cold, if I have 2-3 of those a day, I feel better quicker than I normally would. If nothing else, it sure soothes the throat!

My personal favorite is water honey and lemon but I think if I recall correctly, lemon is out of the picture with CD?

I'm feeling a cold coming on myself but it doesn't really matter much as we have a "once in a quarter century" storm heading into the area which is probably going to snow us all in for days. Whee!


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How does ice cream fair on the ol' throat?


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hmm just remembered an old remedy my dad used to give me when I was little - it works for sore throats.
Butter/sugar/vinegar mixed all together

The butter soothes your throat, the vinegar acts as antiseptic and kills evils and the sugar makes it all palatable.

mix to a paste and eat

works wonders. Not sure of the proportions but I remember it worked when i was little and my throat was sore!

Hope it helps

Emma - glad the lavander bag helped. I love them. I have two in bed with me now - one at my feet and one that I move around between back, tummy, arms etc - whatever is the coldest.
I really must move rooms. this room is sooo cold!

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