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How many Kcals should you consume in a day on Atkins?

its not calore controlled, so im assuming there isnt one:)
I think when you start a diet you need to forget about other diets. Atkins isnt calorie based so you should really try and forget about them and just follow it :) Ive seen people on WW do this too, convert what theyve eaten to cals and then they either over do their points or eat way under it.

Clear your mind of other diets and just have faith in the one youre doing.
ok - thanks. Sounds scary though not thinking of calories.

So I am right in consuming protein, 340g of veg/salad (max) and eating when I feel like it, so long as I don't over eat or over indulge???

I can feel a carbo fix coming on already!!!!


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I usually diet by calorie counting but switched to Atkins precisely because I was a bit fed up of it (weighing everything and putting it in my little notebook!). Though it's only been a week I'm finding it much easier to just follow the induction rules and count carbs in the foods where there are any!

I'm still worried that if the whole ketosis thing doesn't work for me, I won't lose weight, but the first week has proved me happily wrong :D

Enjoy the freedom from calorie counting, I say!


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Wow! What an inspiring thread this is! You all have asked & answered a lot of my queries.
I wondered about calories too & I'm afraid I tend to snack but it seems I can - as long as it is protein. The only thing that worries me is not knowing when to stop, I have a large appetite. I can't wait for the book to get here. :) I have read the stickies & they are helping.
I've been starving today due to a mass alcohol do last night. So thought I'd put down what I've eaten today. Can someone tell me if it's right or wrong?

1 Atkins breakfast bar
1 Atkins Advantage bar
2 Boiled eggs

1 cup salad
110 cream cheese

1 cup salad
1 cup veg
3 Chicken kebabs
Hmm, you shouldn't be drinking alcohol if you are on induction, but....
Pot, Kettle, Black springs to mind here. :(
Yes Jim BIG POT lol - sounds like you had a nice day though!

I started on the diet only yesterday hence the booze binge the night before - not a good idea!!

Could you tell me what you think of my intake yesterday??? Much appreciated, and hope you have an even better day today xx
1 Atkins breakfast bar
1 Atkins Advantage bar
2 Boiled eggs

1 cup salad
110 cream cheese

1 cup salad
1 cup veg
3 Chicken kebabs

Looks OK love, I like to see another cup of salad veggies in there though.
Sorry, I missed the cup of veg, just saw the 2 salad cups. :)

My mistake.

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